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File: fNuGsl.jpg (273 KB, 1920x1080)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
This is about anikura (anime clubs) in general which are venues that often do or target anison and anison related musical events. One of the more notable anikura in the scene is MOGRA which is a venue located in Akiba and has been going on for well over a decade. However, this is not only isolated to MOGRA because there are more anikuras all over Japan and even in a few in Akiba itself! Another anikura which has started to get on the streaming game is Raizeen which is also located in Akiba. Another one I like to highlight is TsukiYume which is located in Kanagawa. These are some of the anikura and I'm sure there are many more yet to be discussed!

>What is anikura?
Anikura (アニクラ) is a portmanteau of the words anisong (アニソン) and club (クラブ) where anisong is itself a portmanteau of anime and song, referring to tracks used as openings, endings, and inserts to various anime series. Thus, anikura refers to the genre of anisong-centric DJ music events that take place at nightclubs, live music houses, and an array of pop-up rented venues such as gymnasiums, public parks, and rec-centers all across Japan.
>What are the websites of the mentioned anikura?
MOGRA: club-mogra.jp
TsukiYume: www.tsukiyume.com
Raizeen: www.raizeen.com
* known JP club and DJ twitch streams:
soundlabmole (club mole in hokkaido)
musicbarbk (aka im@s themed bar in osaka)
aka_tnk2 (shiono takuya)

* and international dj streams are:
Streams this week >>43561815

* Fri May 26 (going on right now)
Lantis DJ Matsuri

* Sat May 27th @ 2300jst
elemog vol. 142

* Sun May 28th @ 1500jst
GLITTER no. 009

> Anison Hijack
* Sat May 27th @ 1700pdt/2000edt
I been so busy and sleepy lately I forgot to check if the thread was alive. Thanks mate for posting. Tenchou having fun with this set. I BUY SAUSAGE
official alt stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh4GyLTe0_s
oh yeah i guess mixbox is dead now so no stream there
File: 1678007869501739.jpg (3.34 MB, 3072x4080)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB JPG
Went to A-POP a few weeks ago when I was over in Japan, just stood awkwardly in the back kek. I didn't expect the table and chairs and the chiller vibe but that's on me. Bar staff were really friendly, glad I got it off my bucket list, couldn't really believe I was walking down those steps. Next time I'm gonna try and go to a proper event.
File: 1670131170912406.jpg (2.29 MB, 4080x3072)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
highlight was when some dude came down the stairs, hit a solid 30 second wotagei number in the back, then immediately went back upstairs, he just had to get it out of his system
Kek. Sounds like a fun person.
Oh nice on youtube now too
Not even the power of Lantis was enough weight to pull people away from twitch I guess. w

I love going to a pop bar since it's very chill and it's really nice to sit down and talk to the staff if they are not that busy. Looks like the a-pop bar after golden week?
yeah it was how'd you figure that out? I do regret not attempting a chat with the staff but I've no japanese and was feeling too awkward to get the google translate out
Stickers in the first image and 2nd image confirmed it. Also, don't be afraid to talk to the people there even if you are a dekinai. A-Pop Bar is so chill that you can make all of the mistakes and hardly be judge. It's all about having a good relaxful time during the work week. Hope you come back there soon and try again!
Yeah I got the vibe of it being for people to just chill out at after work or school, it was cool. I won't be back in JP any time soon but I'll definitely go back to Mogra whenever I end up there next
>that stupid plastic
VOD pixeldrain/l/LVocfVQ1
Youtube version has an extra half of a song at the end
Why is there a transparent plastic sheet hanging?
the coof?
elemog time
Nice. I need to hurry up with life's chores so I can enjoy.
I can barely watch any longer. twitch's ads are getting worse and more frequent.
Forgot second half of my post; and worse yet the ad blockers just freeze the stream and it never recovers.
late, but Anison Hijack is going strong on twitch
1 PM in Japan and these guys are doing shots.
GLITTERR is live.
Oh, and YUC'e was at elemog
>Check out this music from 9 hours ago
File: 20230529_043015.jpg (112 KB, 1024x768)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
AniCLover soon. Don't know if they'll be streaming this event.
it's live now
this week at MOGRA

>Mon May 5th @ 1900jst
* Pure Ibiza ver.164
guests: cartax / ryo_oxxisxi / tobippii
Ibizamenn: J.A.G.U.A.R. / Dan-cho / DJ春菊

>Fri Jun 2nd @ 2300jst
* AnimeNight!!
guests: sorin / tonton / seu
regulars: WAN / Eiry / DJ ZERO / Mako / Gihta / SHOHEI INDUSTRIES

>Sat Jun 3rd
* Liar Liar 19 @ 1500jst
guests: TAK / SORIN
regulars: eelica / DJ DJ KIKI / hoverboard

* ANISON MATRIX!! @ 2300jst
guests: Akira Okada / TAK / Getty
resident DJs: HokBoy / melo / D-YAMA / kei。 / Oblongar / chefoba / oddrella

>Sun Jun 4th
* Tokyo Geekstyle vol.58 5th Anniversary
guests: DJ WILDPARTY / Tatsuya Adventure
TGS DJs/VJs: Takizawa Ryouta / meri / yana. / yabicchi / otouchan / zibasiri / shirasu / OROCHI / shiki / kafe / OHASHI DISCO
(lineup subject to change)
also on Sat Jun 3rd @ 2100jst
Club AniSky (FFXIV DC: Elemental - Server: Tonberry)
twitch: SSANISKY
Looking forward to it.
File: AniSky MatrixNight vol3.jpg (404 KB, 1536x2048)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
for those that want to go /dance in character in FFXIV
Data Center: Elemental - Server: Tonberry
Residential District: Mist - Ward 17 / Plot 29
Pure Ibiza is live
Made my way out to Mogra tonight. Crowd is exactly what I expect from the demographic.
>over already
>show ends right before morning meetings wrap up
dammit, there's not even anything later today to make up for it either
problem with early/midweek shows is they gotta close up shop before the last train (unless it's a holiday over there)
as for stuff to tune in and listen right now:
* DJ Shanghai Shizuoka (shan_shizu)
* Anison DJ Bar Alchemist (a_alchemi)
I remember seeing that Mogra was selling tshirts at some point a few weeks ago but I can't find where they're selling them, anyone have a link if they're still being sold?
I only found this
But it's Music Unity shirts, not strictly MOGRA.
thanks anon, this must be what I'm remembering
I only just realised they're sold out so so much for that
That's unfortunate. Maybe they'll sell them again next year. Or maybe other events will sell shirts, who knows.
May is almost over, so here are most of my rips of this month (get them while they're still available) pixeldrain/l/Uz5viRqq
Ay thank you
>>>/g/93804715 twitch broke stuff, so 3rd party apps don't work at the moment. Hopefully stuff will be fixed before the next event
dyama is live on twitch/choroyama now
>ads every 5 minutes now
Twitch is lucky that zoomers have a slot machine like addiction to their website.
And they chain like 8 at a time

Waipa confirmed for double ax dose.
Is the twitch cancer solved yet? I don't want to miss Matrix tomorrow.
File: FxdKumTagAE2qTq.jpg (64 KB, 1012x506)
64 KB
Twitch is always cancer, but it seems like they reverted whatever they did

animenight soon
Stream is up and streamlink is working.
Haruhi getting a lamp light up hurts
I really loved Sorin set. Pretty sad that majority on the floor don't recognize a lot of those tracks.
nice boat
weird audience all together, they're not recognizing any of the songs
Way late, fug. Will catch next fun thing.
matrix is tomorrow per usual

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