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Which franschise is the best?
In my opinion, Love Live is much superior.

Everybody that works in Love Live is much more dedicated and engaged.
Specially the seiyuus, Love Live seiyuus are the best.
>dedicated and engaged
No wonder they hired a pornstar.
I like imas because I dislike the school setting if love live and like the light romance/love songs of imas
Im@s seiyuus are ugly asf
Love Live
+translates and markets to overseas
+less characters so way easier to keep track and more room for expanding their personalities and stories
+better discography
+better lives and seiyuus

+bigger franchise, more funding
+been around for longer
+way more games and content
+way more characters so it'd be easier to find one that fits into your specific interest
Honestly I think my opinion would be different if imas had translated content, but they don't. So it is what it is.
The one that gatekeeps dekinai gaijins and their many forms of retardation better.
>Love Live
>+better lives and seiyuus
what the absolute fuck am I reading
better girls
better seiyuu
better doujins
File: E2ik40JWYAYIeru.jpg (116 KB, 1043x1263)
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I doubt Im@s has any seiyuu that is better than Paychan.

Paychan was an actual school idol when she began.
File: aqours-love-live.gif (2.6 MB, 498x280)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB GIF
Love Live lives and seiyuus are higher quality, the lives have so much more soul and passion put into them, especially Aqours. I wouldn't expect someone who likes imas just because they want to feel different and "anti-gaijin" to understand.
File: 1647393372193.jpg (379 KB, 1536x2049)
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Aside from muse the Love Live seiyuus feel so much more clean, I kept trying to get into imas lives but it just feels like Im watching regular grimey bound-for-JAV j-idols with zero character, it's just depressing
I know nothing about ll but after reading through their seiyuu threads I would recommend staying away from this franchise. Schizo levels are off the charts.
idolmaster paved the way for love live. the seiyuu started out performing in tiny rooms for a handful of people so they'd be interested in playing an arcade game, with the developers making several risky choices along the way that ended up working in making an impact in the industry. both are good in their own ways but i respect history.
im@s games feels more intimate like you're actually raising an idol
love live is more of a sports franchise if that makes sense, you're just rooting for them instead of helping them
music is pretty subjective
i like the variety in vocals in imas, love live started similar but as time went on they started picking seiyuus that sound like normal girls, if i wanted that i'd just go listen to real idols
all 3d is pd unfortunately
I'm not big into idol shit in general, but I kind of liked the im@s anime, and hated Love Live. Im@s songs also aren't as over-produced as Love Live songs.
Kill yourself OrcTaku faggot. She did nothing wrong and I will always support her.

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