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Is there non-Biblical proof for the existence of Jesus Christ?
Is there non-Quranic proof for the existence of Muhammad?

Note that there's a big gap between "did a person with this name and this general role exist" and "did their actual characteristics match the description". I am not asking of a Yeshua lived in roman Judea 2000 years ago, I'm asking if there was a prophet by that name, who did those things. Similar with Muhammad.
pls respond
Well ill respond just to hijack the thread for more jesus talk

Roman Military Records confirm the execution.
Talamudic representations in oral tradition place a rabbi prior to akiba (first century bar kohkba rebellion instigator) as the teacher of the so called Ben Pantera, and lastly there is trace refernce in asian culture of one. There's about as much evidence for the existance of a Wild Rabbi at the turn of the century who at least people who saw him claimed he could do magic tricks.

The fact you had to ask this is pathetic.

Idk about Muhammad.
had a stroke in the middle of the last sentence, there's about as much evidence for Jesus as for Shakespeare.

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