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File: aebhw25_0000.jpg (133 KB, 797x1276)
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> Ancient Germans living in Scandinavia 200,000 years ago sail to North Africa
>founded Atlantis there
> Earth used to have a different moon that slowly crashed into us over many years called phobos
>Aztecs and Mayans were low-caste Atlantians that started colonies in the new world that's why Mexicans love nazis
>Lost tribes of Israel all Germanic tribes
>Bible just a modern retelling of the edda Jesus=Odin etc.
>Jews are jealous they have no history and stole the Germanic identity and do everything they can to hide who Israel is
>written in 1920's by a ghost
>translated and published by some shady Australian publisher in 2016

This is some esoteric modern shitpost right? I have a hard time believing the author even existed let alone something that reads like a ironic WE WUZ /pol/ shitpost was published in 1925. Or was this really the methed up shit nazi occultists believed?

The book:
File: aebhw25_0040.jpg (154 KB, 797x1276)
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>Swedes circa 200,000 BC off to start Atlantis and Atzlan
File: aebhw25_0051.jpg (126 KB, 797x1276)
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>We Wuz pharaohs and shit 50,000 years ago
File: aebhw25_0030.jpg (189 KB, 797x1276)
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Our old moon just the like old tales said happened!
File: aebhw25_0326.jpg (169 KB, 797x1276)
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>jesus is a 60k years old and a German king fighting for Atlantis in North Africa against hordes of Hebrews
File: aebhw25_0330.jpg (152 KB, 797x1276)
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>meds and jews been keeping us down for 2000 years!
File: aebhw25_0204.jpg (151 KB, 797x1276)
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>The origins of Judaism
File: aebhw25_0180.jpg (195 KB, 797x1276)
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>those damn Lemurians
File: aebhw25_0157.jpg (165 KB, 797x1276)
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>the serpent mound egypt-atlantis-american connection

Im starting to think Graham Hancock wrote this. Did we even know about serpent mound in 1925?
File: aebhw25_0344.jpg (176 KB, 797x1276)
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>jews circumcise goys and drink the blood to purify themselves
Anyways goodnight /his/, there's no way this book isn't a modern forgery but an elaborate and well-thought-out classic Aussie shitpost.

You guys always make me laugh, thanks Bruce.
Vivec wasn't there to stop it
This is some high level schizo-fiction
Well Linguists today still believe in the Proto-Indo-European theory that was embraced by the Nazis.
People today are still stupid.
And yes that book is a well known modern forgery.
Weak bait
>Weak bait
Nothing about that is bait.

Pretty sure someone read fingerprints of the gods in the 90's and got high and wrote this. The info in the book is far too modern to be written by some nazi in 1920.
>Im starting to think Graham Hancock wrote this. Did we even know about serpent mound in 1925?

Well that does checkout. If he was well-read he could have come across it.
"The first published surveys of the mound were by Ephraim G. Squier and Edwin Hamilton Davis, featured in their historic volume, Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley (1848), that was commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution."

>Or was this really the methed up shit nazi occultists believed?
This is actually pretty tame to some other very real nazi era shit I've read.

But I'm still suspicious of the books legitimacy.
>This is actually pretty tame to some other very real nazi era shit I've read.
Care to share?
Where do you think Hancock got his ideas from? His ass?
Why would someone bother with forgery? It's not like it's well known or even academically respected in any sense. It's just an interesting German book from 1925. What you do with it and how much you believe is a different question, but it's definitely not a forgery.
It's way too on nose according to contemporary alternative history. Remove the racist shit and it's literally a Graham Hancock book.
>If the nazis won they would have morphed Christianity into this abomination
>murals of Atlantean Jesus fighting jews in ancient Egypt on murals in the reichtstag

You are welcome from saving you from eternal hellfire for blasphemy germs.
File: pepout.jpg (39 KB, 649x489)
39 KB
>aryans are supposed to be high IQ
>believe in utterly retarded schizo shit
/pol/ and the nazis were right about a lot of things, but every so often they drop something like this and I can't take them seriously
What would even be gained from saying it's from 1925. It's not like it's the oera linda, where its suposed age is literally the most important thing about it. Releasing it as a new book nowadays would probably attract more readers, especially if it was a Hancock book.
Hancock writes a good book for every half dozen shitty ones, I don't get why he is the king of alt history.
This part is true
Btw, Hermann Wieland is a pseudonym of Karl Weiländer (1870–1946). He also wrote under the pseudonym Friedrich Döllinger, publishing "Baldur und die Bibel" under this name, a book that is referenced in Atlantis, Edda and the Bible.
Jacques de mahieu is funnier, desu.
Are the romans in the room with you right now?
Plus, he ocassionally feeds you some high quality schzo shit.
Like saying that the descendants of vikibg settlers to the new world live to this day or that he personally found a viking knife in the abdes inscribed with runes (and he provides pictures of it).
It was a pretty common genre of pseudohistory, especially in the 18th and 19th
Here's Fabre d'Olivet's seminal "Philosophical History of Mankind " in summary:

>white nomads were happily living in a state of nature
>initially men and women were more or less equal, but men got tired of their old broads and wanted younger women/more wives for themselves, the women tried to rebel through trickery at this and were abjectly enslaved, after which they were little more than cattle and unhappy (he uses the example of Samoyeds)
>then they came into contact with the black race, which had been building monumental civilizations in africa and asia
>they captured some white women who were easily seduced by all the blacks' bling and pimp outfits, returnees told other white women about the wonders of submitting to the BBC and soon all white women were escaping to Wakanda whenever they could
>the white men tried at first to raid the blacks to recover their women, but since they were basically just neolithic savages they got curb-stomped by the bronze age black warriors
>then the white men, insuffled by their racial Will, banded together against this awesome foe, and elected a Fuhrer... I mean "Herman" or Gherman to lead them, this warmaster divided his people into the 3 classes of Diete (the diet, senate, council of elders), Leyt (elite, the warriors) and Folk (the masses who labored for logistics), these latter became hereditarily enshrined into the Aryan 3 castes and their successors.
>according to astromical calculations

>despite white society being neatly organized for war, they still couldn't fight back against the militarily superior blacks who started conquering and enslaving them in their lands, putting them to work in the mines and fields
>the enslaved whites thus learned copied the technology of their masters, and when some great white barbarian horde managed to win back some territory they freed their enslaved brothers and thus upgraded their tech
>eventually the war reached a stalemate and even started going in the whites' favor, and the blacks got tired of this and sued for peace, offering tribute
>this state of peace led to trade and cultural exchange with the blacks, from which the whites learned Civilization and Religion
>something something the civilized white Celts became briefly weak and decadent under this peace, but a great prophetess appears (now that they've been exposed to the divine) who sees a vision of the whites dominating the world and leads them back on the warpath, they wreck the black Atlanteans and white men are reconciled with white women
>the whites later become more engrossed in Religion and Hermans become God-Kings etc

>bedouins are actually descended from "Celtic" Aryan "Bodohnes" ("bedless") nomads who conquered Arabia from the blacks, modern arabs are the mutts of conquerors and conquered
>the arabic patriarchism/hatred of women comes from the racial memory of the white women's betrayal
>europe meanwhile is divided into 3 regions, the central Teuts-land (best land, sublime land), Hol-land/Ghol-land (low land, inferior land) and Pol-land (high land, superior land), northern europe was then called D'ahn-mark ("the march of souls", "soul's frontier")
>the parts of europe still ruled by entrenched blacks were Akstan, "lands of blacks", from which he derives the Basques (Euska-), the Tuscans/Etruscans, Pelasgians ("Pelask") and other non-Aryan people
the white (hyper)boreans in the Eurasian steppes lived in Ross-land, the land of horses
>writing an essay with an incel BBC angle
Hmm, ok. In reality Muslims, Japanese and pretty much every culture that came in contact with Europeans noted how much independence their women had. The left is also deathly silent on the Muslims who basically live the incel's fantasy.
>victorious whites brought back fucking elephantiasis from africa, which spread like a plague depopulating much of europe, somehow
>the plague was finally cured by a druid who cut mistletoe with a golden sickle to brew into a potion, thus the origin of the tradition
>the druid was named Ram, thus Ram(a) become the chief God in some white pantheons, dethroning Thor the deified first Herman or Teuts/Teutad/Zeus/Deus the ethnic skygod
>Ram's totem animal was naturally the ram, while Thor's was the black bull he triumphed over
>Turans were former slaves of the blacks who allied with the white Celts
>the people of Iran and Tartary are also turans, not just the turkics and co
>Ram became Rama-Osiris-Dionysus, and Adam in Semitic myth

>the deified druid Ram founded a continent-spanning theocratic empire centered on the ancient city of "Vahr" in Persia (apparently mentioned in the Zend-Avesta) and that was the golden age of Borean rule
>he ruled as the high priest (god-priest?) while the great khan of the turans he crowned dealt with earthly affairs
>the great emperor of the black atlanteans (the Rawhan or Rawhon) had the dragon as his symbol, his subject kangz were known as pha-rawhons of course
>his last bastion as he lost land to Ram's empire was the island of Lanka of course
>hence the battle of Rama with the demon Ravanna in hindu myth
>akahually, the roman, french and british empires happened because of brown blood polluting its rulers.
Thermonuclear take. Most nordicists said the opposite
>the great khan of the Turans who conquered India became Hanuman, derived from khan-of-man "king of men"
>esk-wander (wandering people who conquered the orient) -> iskandar/alexander and other "scanders" (esk/osk/ask means peopleà
>alexander in fact derives from arabic al-ascander
>fastforward to the armies of the indo-turanian whites conquering europe from the celts who remained there

>the european whites splintered into the riverlanders, Ripuarians or frogs, and the highlanders, Salians or cranes
>yes of course it's a calque on the ripuarian and salian franks, because the author is french
>the salian crane later became the roman eagle, the ripuarian frog was the merovingian symbol

>Ram the god-priest/supreme pontiff was known as Pa-zi-pa or father of fathers, he ruled over lesser pontiffs simple named papas (popes, of course)
>the desmene of the supreme pontiff was Para-disa (divine land, paradise of course)
>I think the pazipa thing is supposed to evoke padishah

>the phoenicians worshiped Thor, hence the city of Tyr. also Herman->Melqart in translation
>they also worshiped Teuts/Zeus/Teutad as Moloch ("king") or Kron (crown), Kronos/Saturn naturally
>Semiramis -> Shamiram -> Shem-Ram, "spark of Ram" or "luster of Ram"

on and on it goes
oh also if you're wondering about Christianity in all this, it's just an ancestor cult centered around the patriarch Jesus
He still has his schizo chud moments.
He was an ex-SS veteran writting tracts for Peronist argentina, after all.
Like when he alleges the polynesians were scandinavians in a passing remark.
When was this published?
This reeks of 1960-1970s post-everythingism.
It really feels like it too.
>mfw reading this thread
are germanics far more prone to magical thinking and maladaptive daydreaming? Literally no sane/simple excuse/explanation can exist for such phenomena
I really dig this kind of stuff but what I don’t understand is why they need to bring the Bible into this. The Bible isn’t a history book and it’s not until Chronicles that it begins to mention possible historical figures. Several Genesis myths have similar parallels Babylonian myths derived from earlier Sumerian myths. There may have been an Egyptian influence too.

These stories are clearly rooted in the desert and reference desert kingdoms and desert tribes. The jews didn’t take some ancient Aryan Atlantis stories and localize them to the desert as their own. The author was likely a “we wuz Hebrewz and Sheeeit” Christian who doesn’t want to let go of the fake history of desert bandits and instead pretends their ancestors were lost tribes of a fictional group as a coping mechanism. We see this with Christian Identity, for example

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