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For me, it's the New English Bible (1961, 1970)

>apocrypha included
>big thick 70s paper
>intelligible, preference for common terms (letter vs epistle)
>single column
>verse numbers in margin
>good for contrarians because of obscurity
You will never be a KJV
Orthodox Study Bible for best content
but I do like Wide Margin NKJVs getting into matthew everhard's bible notetaking
Do you know that the OSB copies the nkjv in many places in the old testament, while claiming to be an LXX translation? This is never disclosed.
Yes its primarily a study bible not a unique translation.
that is also why I go to NKJV as opposed to NIV or ESV
To me that whole issue is off putting. I'm not really a study Bible person anyway but I find the ancient faith csb or the church history esv more attractive
Dirk, why??
>rearranges verses
>open paganism in Genesis 6
>young woman in Isaiah 7:14
NASB95 for life. Simple and effective.
>footnotes for words / historical context, or if other translations do / do not include certain verses / words / phrases
>all missing verses that the KJV does not have (no apocrypha but not a deal breaker)
>makes sense and is eloquently written
Plus, mine has a summary in the back of each books ideas and theme. It doesn't have a part in the back "for when you're feeling..." though. I like that about my KJV.
I like Brenton's translation of A and B.

It's got some flaws, but his 2 Samuel 22 is marvelous. Definitely on par with the KJV 1611.

Speaking of which, the Douay Rhiems has been growing on me lately.
That's what happened to boomers. The NEB was so naff they made the REB to replace it.
Why not
>does that bible correctly translate the word used in Isaiah 7:14
King James was gay and demonist.
He's Reformed, they normally use the ESV

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