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Blackbeard was assassinated by the government after pardoning him.
It’s unfair what happened to him
How was he caught? Was he really thinking they wouldn't hang him?
he received a royal pardon by the North Carolina colonial government. The Virginian government didn’t like that he received a pardon so they sent a milita down to murder him
So it seems the people who emitted the royal pardon also got him to localy act as a corsair? And then he went back to piracy?
>It’s unfair what happened to him
What was he thinking? Looks like a pretty legitimate decision to put this guy down to me.
God could you imagine being a fly on the deck of that final battle, this 40 year old Cornish bastard screaming foul unpleasentries whilst shooting all his pistols and getting stabbed over and over.
the only evidence against him was that he found an abandoned french boat which the North Carolina government declared abandoned and their goods open to the taking after he brought it to their attention. The Virginian government used this and fabricated threats against the Virginian government as reason to attack
>evidence against him
He was a fucking pirate, and it's obvious he was pretty good at being proud he was. The life expectancy of a pirate touching land near civilisation back in these days was approx 1 hour tops. Fetch a rope, bring some people and their kids in, and bam.
>meet your maker son
Defending a guy who abused this length of time way above what was even conceivable is out of the question.

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