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File: germansVpoles.png (528 KB, 1269x783)
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What are the historical causes of this divide?
There isn't any and you are obsessed because your brown gf fucked Erasmus Polak, you Mortguese schizo. Kek
>*Some minor variation on the appearance white people*
>hmm this is clearly a Mongoloid type
>*Literal black as coal Africans with narrow noses*
>Yep this is definitely a Caucasoid

Why are racialists like this
OP got literally cucked by a Polack. He will forever be mind broken
>He's German!
>No Wait! He's Brazilian!
>Actually, He's Portuguese
Pick one, polack.
Anyway, Could it be that the Poles that inhabited Pomerania and Silesia are not actually autochthonous to that land?
File: 1609529353312.jpg (237 KB, 743x764)
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237 KB JPG
*That currently Inhabit

More evidence, Compare Western Poles to Eastern Germans
File: poland border change.png (467 KB, 970x1003)
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467 KB PNG
Correct. I was the poster that actually told you that on /int/. Why are you posting such idiocies though? You have to improve your shitposting.

1. Light green part of Poland in the map I'm posting now was always ethnically Polish and stayed true ethnic Polish even after WW2 and resettlements. Poles living in the light green era, even today are Poles that can easily trace their ancestry back to Piast(medieval era)

2. Almost no one in Poland, at least not an ethnic Pole has a "Gorid" phenotype or "Alpine" phenotype, that is solely found in the South of Poland, mostly among Highlanders:

Majority of Poles are unironically:
>West Baltid(check out the mugshots of criminals in UK for yourself)
>North Pontid + CM = Lewandowski
>Nordid variants, usually mixed with some Baltid elements

3. There is no mongoloid admixture among ethnic Poles, never have been:
It is however found among some Russian groups, not really that suprising.

4. West Slavs were no different phenotypically than modern ethnic Poles, from the light green area. Also, all the samples from early medieval Slav and viking era Slav cluster with modern Kashubians and Central Poles(aka light green Poles)

t. real R1b-U106 Masurian.

I've seen some subhuman glowie ngger impersonating me, he can fuck off.
>real R1b-U106 Masurian
File: nafroid.jpg (1.13 MB, 3314x1545)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Not at all. I've been posting in haploshit threads since 2017. I remember the times of bullying pic related into submission

You are just a newfag. A clueless one at that.
t. 1/8 Masurian 7/8 kresy
No. Not at all. I can trace my lineage back to 1500s. R1b-U106 W mtDNA

I don't really get your obsession though.
So you're the last of your kind? Any Masurian that wasn't deported at the end of WW2 chose to emigrate to Western Germany.
I don't know. Masurians never cared about any of that Pole-German shitfighting. Majority of Masurians "identified" themselves as "Tutejszy" - meaning "Ethnic one" "Local one" in all of the polls done by Germans or Poles. They never really cared about LARPing as either of them.

I do not know, but it is one of the major upholders of anti-eastern european immigrant sentiment in western europe because they are easy to tell apart because of the facial structure differences.
File: subhuman.jpg (1.26 MB, 2920x2080)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
I fully agree. We are not the same people.
Sorry Slobodan. This is real life.
the depigmented iberian gets the global empire and the universal cultural hegemony.
File: Masurian.png (28 KB, 1853x171)
28 KB
Just realized that you Polacks call them Mazurs. Yeah i Meant Lutheran Mazurs and you are definitely not one.
we are different. no one side is above the other
I am Greek
I am german/irish and when I look at the men to the left I want to smile. I feel friendly. When I see the men to the right I am on edge. I remember the hate i have for my fellow man. I am annoyed by their prescence. Don't know why

the average pole has more Aryan (as defined by geneticists, steppe indeo-european) than the average German.
You need to put some more drops in your eyes
I literally cannot tell much of a difference between Poles and English. They have the same ovalish kind of faces especially the girls. And the men all become fat and bald over pints
File: german men.jpg (1.15 MB, 2400x1800)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
>4channers discovers that northern euros in general look alike
Wait till you see ze Germans
The moment you realize that most people are really fucking ugly and dysgenic the better
I meant the sooner instead of the moment
File: Literally Me.png (48 KB, 175x246)
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This is me

Rate me

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