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>My genes are better than yours just submit to me or kys faggot lol
>Wait wait, what are you doing, don't kill me!

This is what selfish Chads get when they fall out of line, know your place /his/
The Roundheads were selfish chads
>Cucked a Monarch out of his kingdom
I'd say that's pretty selfish
He was imposing controls on the people and wouldn't allow them to have nice things at the current time period, he was a selfish Chad bastard and deserved to be killed.

The only reason royals or Chads want you to breed is because they want to use and abuse you and this is exactly fucking why Chads need to get OWNED every once and awhile.
From the royalist perspective the King matters more than anyone else, so cucking yourself for him is the most selfless act you could possible do
Cucking yourself to the people is more selfless than anything else. You will NEVER have a kingdom of your own to boss around for your own pleasure and amusement, Chad!!
Nah, Cucking out to people who inherited their positions is the most selfless thing a man can do. Meritocracy is selfish.
Those are disgusting lies, Chad, and you know it
Nah, chads kill the king and take his throne. Selfless cucks respect his property rights
I'd like to get a third party to weigh in on this, your point of view is silly and I will trash it with an extra opinion so I can make you look silly
one of muh ancestors was decapitated for being catholic, im a protestant right now so they won

Sicc' em>>14777299
This isn't over

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