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>Participate in World War One
>British thinks that you're the weakest link in the German alliance, they try to zergrush your country
>British suffers a million casualties and you last until the end of the war
>Cause the collapse of the R*ssian Empire by denying them the straits
>The WW1 Allies occupy your capital and try to make you admit that you "genocided" Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians (a completely made up ethnicity faker even than Greeks) and reparashuns n shiet
>Start the largest war of independence of the 20th century, KICK the British and their leashed puppets out of your country and don't give a single dime to the said ethnicities despite actually losing the World War One. Something that literally never happened in the entire history of World Wars.
>Retake Istanbul from the Anglo without firing a single shot. The British just pussy out after the ultimatum and this causes the British gubmint to collapse and Canada exercises political autonomy from the British.
>Kick the Ottomans out of your country for cucking out to the Anglo. Establish a new republic instead. ACQUIT every single so called "war criminal". British prime minister calls the entirety of this as "abject, cowardly and infamous surrender" of the Anglos
>German nationalists and a known Austrian painter start to simp for your country because of what you achieved

Turkish man is the greatest man of the Interwar Period.
J2s pretending to be R1a steppe shits
a century later turks suck british/german cock for a living, kek

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