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Did Soldiers perform synchronized dance acts for the people?

We know they went on Marches and came up with their own songs. Roman Soldiers even had a tradition where they would march through Rome and sing very vulgar songs to the amusement of the population. About using all of their tax money on whores, fucking their daughters or pissing away the beer they were given. They probably accompanied the song with fitting gestures towards the people for greater effect. Which already comes very close to fit the definition of a synchronized dance routine.
Citation needed
Military parades have been a thing everywhere and everywhen, and ritual dances were not rare among warriors and soldiers either.
They weren't done for the entertainment of the people however, they were either a show of force or a religious ceremony.
>They weren't done for the entertainment of the people however, they were either a show of force or a religious ceremony.
So you are not allowed to enjoy watching them? Religious ceremony is supposed to be boring? You can't ever look at soliders like celebrities or something like that and approve of a show of force of your own warriors?

>Did Soldiers perform synchronized dance acts for the people?
Outside of military parades and marching songs, not really. Military performances are relatively modern (~1600s), originating from foot drills and "pike and shot" so gunners can synchronize reloading, aiming, and firing to shave off seconds off their time. Feudal armies wouldn't have focused much at all on drilling, since knights and men-at-arms were trained to fight more individually in massed attacks and the rest of their armies were temporary levies who were to be disbanded when the campaign was over. Ancient armies, specifically the Roman Legions, did have a lot more drilling going on and did do military triumphs, but they certainly wouldn't have been putting on Bollywood dance performances en masse. If they did, it would have had some religious significance.

From the foot drills, military reviews started to be more and more of a thing since Louis XIV made it a habit to encamp near the front lines of his summer campaigns. Camp and siege life is relatively boring, so a culture of drilling began incorporating banners/drums to appease nobles. This basically leads us into the 1700s and 1800s with drummer boys leading columns of soldiers and the emphasis on soldiers marching in lockstep with officers keeping pace and directing the battalion. You basically don't see any real "frivolous" use of soldiers until after the industrial revolution. Generals often took a bigger spotlight than the soldiers, who were secondary to the one leading them.

That you can do something while watching a thing doesn't mean the thing was created for that purpose.

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