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I don't understand counter culture or why it ever became popular
there is no such thing a counter culture
there's only those with power to influence public opinion to best suit their needs and craft a culture that opportunistically benefits them for short term gain

you have no natural culture and never had
Atheism has no substance. What you heard about republics, democracy, humanism was just made up on the fly by the revolutionaries to sell to the peasants the idea of their revolution against the kings. It's the same revolutionaries who made up ecology.
Democracies, republics and humanism are just an ad, a commercial. Democracies are based on a protestation against monarchies. THere is nothing else behind them. democracies are not about giving power to peasants.
And since now kings have accepted losing power, the DNA of democracies that is protestation is compromised. Democracies should not even exist today, yet there a no kings and democrats are still in power. Well they are because they know that the peasants love the idea of protestation. So the big idea of the democrats is to make democracies the enemy. This way the democrats are both idolized and vilified by the peasants. It's the democrats who decide what topic will be vilified and what topic will be idolized. Its the democrats who decide when protestation will occur and under what form. This way whatever the peasants think about, it will be about democrats, not kings of other form of society.
Ecology is just one hose narrative framework where the peasants can protest while the democrats do nothing about it. Reminder that freedom of speech is a death warrant. The more peasants babble about democrats, the less they will escape the democrats.
The advantage of ecology and hippies over marxism is that even though they were both made up by the democrats, marxism changed the rules too much, ie rules about money. democrats live for money power and sex addiction. They love this shit. You can think of ecology as an impotent marxism, ie ecology is ''marxism even more compatible with democracy''.
All the stuff you heard about ESG and CO2 pollution and metrics of pollution are completely manufactured, unorganic, opaque and became a business in itself.
You mean the counterculture of the 1960s?
American society in the 50s was oppressively conformist and strict, the counterculture was a reaction to that.
It still is oppressively conformist. How many Chuds here actually *like* American corporate work culture? Kinda ironic they still support capitalism despite generally hating the anaseptic honey words to your face and knife in your back corporate culture
Very few "Chuds" will openly support capitalism now ever since it was shown how easily every corporation was willing to hop on woke bandwagons and start doing shit like funnelling millions of dollars to abortions or paying BLM protestors bail money. It's very apparent now that the idealistic right-wing libertarian vision of the free market that was so popular in the early-mid 2010s was a sham. The people who supported that told us that SJWism/wokeism would die in the corporate world because "gender studies graduates can't get jobs" and "you'll get fired if you start complaining about getting misgendered in the work place". But nope, the corporate world eagerly embraced those ideologies and then turned to help promote and enforce them on everyday society.

At most these days you might get the people who say "well, that's not REAL capitalism" but we know it's just a cope.
>eh eh i'm going to mix a lot of different shit between various right-wing movements and tell them they're retards
Ok retard, apparently /pol/ is a person.

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