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File: This fucking state.png (100 KB, 1200x630)
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>go to college for tech job
>need to take general electives for degree
>decide on taking humanities for minnesota
>interested in state thinking it will be fun to research
>all online due to covid
>all other classes straight forward
>get to class
>first assignment, research history of minnesota
>look into it, nothing before 1920s besides genocide and racism
>clearly not school appropriate or an interesting historical subject about the state
>research other important historical facts, nothing interesting or not a lot of information
>best information found was about a random ass church made by french bastard in 1810s
>look deeper into other subjects
>find a zigzag bridge by a japanese dude
>running out of time for assignments
>somehow write one paged halfassed paper on wordpad
>submit before midnight deadline
>come back next morning to find 100% grade
>get next assignment, research historical building in minnesota
>forget about french dude
>write paper on random ass building in minneapolis more than 20 years old
>get 100%
>rinse and repeat with mediocre subjects endlessly until ending semester with A
>realize how wasteful college can be
>also realize just how lame the state is
>feel sad
>remember all the other midwest states exist (North and South Dakota)
>feel better about state not being remembered for just tourist attractions
>remember what my state is remembered for
>feel sad again
Midwestfags eternally on suicide watch
NY BVLL reporting in
a puerto rican on welfare?
Seethe harder midwesterner
>Seethe harder midwesterner
Great contribution to a great thread
That's what
Really looks like
File: badger2.jpg (213 KB, 1280x1024)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
you know what your school is best known for? Only holding the Axe for 3 out of the last 20 years. Wisconsin and Michigan units kicked more ass in the Civil War, WWI and WWII than your stupid 34th Division nerds did.

Fuck Minnesota and Fuck Tater Tots
Fuck you losers. My state is leagues ahead whatever shithole you other midwest fags crawled out of. Cope and seethe and go gophers
Fuck the Gophers, Fuck the Vikangz, Fuck Tater Tots and especially fuck Hot Dish. You *will* eat the cheese and you will like it
i wish i lived in rural USA. but no ,god put me in stinky europe
sorry you guys don't have much of a history m8, really just a Dakota revolt and some fur trade shenanigans before burgers settled it in a orderly fashion, and too far west for the Beaver Wars to touch much of it.
At least you're good at hockey.

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