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Was there an eugenics program in the Soviet union that bred for obidience?
no, because Mendelian genetics was considered counterrevolutionary. The official genetic theory of the Soviet Union was Lysenkoism which taught that grafts impart heritable traits.
No they denied genetics like libshits. The state makes the New Man by social conditioning.
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>The biologist Aleksandr Serebrovskii (1892-1948) suggested a “truly socialist” way of eugenic engineering, by producing a superior Soviet man through separating love and reproduction. Others, such as the biochemist E. O. Manoilov believed that the study of various blood types could determine racial and national identities. Soviet eugenicists had to work within the shrinking confines of official ideology. While they rejected race as a basis for eugenic measures against individuals, some argued in applying them to the mentally ill and habitual criminals, whose reproduction they deemed dangerous to society. Eugenics, as a field, essentially ceased to exist following the rise of Stalin around 1928-30. In 1930 the Russian Eugenics Society was disbanded, and eugenics was denounced as a “bourgeois” and “fascist” doctrine. Soviet scholars who had done research on miscegenation were repressed after 1931, by which time their contacts with international colleagues had been almost totally severed. Yet, also under Stalin, Soviet racial science remained respected as a legitimate field of inquiry, and questioning the existence of human races was condemned as “subversive-idealistic” position.
>Was there an eugenics program in the Soviet union that bred for obidience?
Yes, they killed anyone opposing the govt.

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