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Anything post 911 is viewed as a conspiracy and we are told to question everything by truthers and now the Russia/Ukraine stuff is viewed as a conspiracy too.

"If you believe this mainstream narrative you're not doing your research. Did the planes even exist on 911? Question everything!", "there's no war in Ukraine, would children be playing on a park in a warzone? think! question it all!"

Nobody says this about the historical conflicts though, the 2 World Wars, Hiroshima, Holocaust, Cold War, Vietnam, Korea, Falklands, Boer Wars, Crimean war even going way back into the Middle Ages all these conflicts are accepted as generally having happened the way the media and history reports them to have. It's only really white nationalists that challenge the Holocaust but they accept all the other ones without issue.

Historical events are generally accepted as legit and real but anything after 911 is leapt on as a false flag event.

Is it just simply because 911 coincided with the internet age?
No phsyical evidence for the battle of Stalingrad.
The majority of our knowledge of antiquity is based on forged sources from the middle ages.
World War I was started by big businessmen in Germany who wanted the Berlin-Baghdad railway completed so German business can take over Ottoman ones and exploit cheap oil in the Middle East.
Only problem was that Serbia was in the way. The Germans needed a way to get Serbia out of the picture.
Want to guess Serbia's biggest threat was? Austria.
The German businessmen needed a way for Austria to legitimately annex Serbia.
Don't you think it is strange that the Parade was publicly publicized in the newspaper stating where the Archduke would be specifically and in which car? No other parade in history ever did this.
Another thing is strange. How the private investigator who looked into the assassination found out Gavrilo Princip wasn't even a full member but joined fairly recently before the assassination.
And he used to work as a laborer for German aristocrats.
Even when evidence came out how Princip and the others were acting out independently from the Black Hand, German authorities dismissed the evidence and still held Serbia accountable.
Holodomor/Katyn/Gulag denial is already a thing.
So is denial of Serbian and Russian war crimes in the 1990s.
You also have historical denial like that of the New Chronology of Anatoly Fomenko, or the Great Tartary/Mud Flood theories, where they deny the existence of most (coincidentally non-Russian) civilizations in human history and claim Ancient Rome for example is a hoax to make West European civilization seem older then is supposedly is.
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To be honest, ther modern mainstream view on WW1 (everyone is guilty) is dumb revisionism
Truth is that Germany had wanted a big war for years, and then used some shitty event in the Balkans to pressure Austria into starting it
Publicly states reasons for wars are rarely accepted as being the true reason why countries went to war in the past. Most people accept that Rome manufactured casus bellis for war for example Julius Caesar giving the Helvetii permission to migrate through roman territory then telling them to turn back once they reached his army knowing that they wouldn't and that this would give him a reason to conquer gaul.

It's a common belief that the gulf of tonkin incident was a false flag

It's accepted by pretty much everyone that nation's medias often lied during wars in the past, japan and germany in ww2 both claiming they were winning when they were losing or seriously downplaying how bad the situation was.
There's no hope of rehabilitating a certain disgraced political ideology by claiming the World Wars didn't happen.

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