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File: finnww2.jpg (87 KB, 1000x652)
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when your nation:
>willingly signs the Anti-Comintern pact (an agreement that German high command described as a "litmus test for loyalty")
>provides a staging area for operation Barbarossa
>accepts shipments of equipment from Germany up until the Lapland conflict which, according to popular opinion in your nation at the time, was the result of German "betrayal"
yet is at best considered a blameless anomaly, and at worst idolized and worshipped by clueless rubes whose only true understanding of history is what all the different guns were called. Either way, you come out looking like great guys who dindu nuffin.
Finn moment.
File: 268ie5jvh1761 (1).png (307 KB, 640x531)
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Finland was the only victim of communism during WW2 everyone else (including poland) deserved it

.t Gommie
File: lataus (6).jpg (4 KB, 299x168)
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They were stuck away in a corner of Europe at the mercy of a genocidal Soviet dictatorship, no one can really fault them for siding with another genocidal dictatorship to try and balance out the Soviet's ability to invade and totally eradicate the Finns.
>t worst idolized and worshipped by clueless rubes
at least Finland was fighting the USSR back when Germany and the communists were allies. That shows what their true interests were, Axis or allies, they wanted to prevent foreigners from invading and who can fault them for that. Poland is in a similar position, only they lost too quickly to be idolized even though they put up a good fight. Greece is another example, but their resistance had a side that was full of communists.
Considering Finland had 0 involvement in the Holocaust. Yes. They didn't do anything. They were defending themselves from Soviet encroaching soldiers
Russians to this day don't hold any grudge against Finns, which just goes to show they recognize they were being assholes even back then.
File: Finlands PM.jpg (258 KB, 1173x1500)
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258 KB JPG
Modern Finland is a socially progressive atheist meme country governed by a hot Girlboss mommy Prime Minister, why the fuck do you think they "get away with it"?
>wont somebody think of the poor heckin soviets :(
File: maxresdefault.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720)
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127 KB JPG
Finland did a bad thing by shooting Russian communists in the back and then redeemed themselves by shooting German fascists in the back. They also probably had some magic wands and wizard spells helping them out.

Also, as a result of the poor showing made by the Red Army in the early phases of the war with Finland, Marshall Timoshenko was charged with the responsibility of bringing the armed forces to a higher state of efficiency. This he succeeded in accomplishing by the strictest enforcement of the foregoing and other reforms, so that by the time the Germans launched their attack on the USSR in June 1941, the Red Army had acquired a high degree of effectiveness.

Thanks, Finland!

god what a load of shit comment but the worst part is
> shooting Russian communists in the back
you can't shoot the people invading you in teh back, commie freak. If anything it was the Germans taht stabbed their communist benefactors in the back (although Stalin was probably planning an invasion of Germany at the same time).
>he Germans launched their attack on the USSR in June 1941, the Red Army had acquired a high degree of effectiveness.
which is why they lost territory eight times the size of France before finally slowing the German advance.
>you can't shoot the people invading you in teh back, commie freak.
Yeah you can. You just infiltrate behind their lines. I thought the right-wing kooks around here studied military history.

Literally all that you typed is based
If you are a Finn and would've let Finland starve to death and worse rather than cooperate with Germany 1941 onwards, you are a leftie or an otherwise clinically retarded person.
Finland was slapped with huge concessions after WWII and became a Soviet satellite state. It's simply that this arrangement worked well for its' well being.
they weren't part of the Eastern Bloc
>right-wing kooks
>studied military history.
kek all they do is play hearts of iron with some "unpozzed" mod and paint the map

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