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>On 22 December 1951, Stalin, like a lame, restless and hungry tiger, returned to Moscow, clearly intent on enforcing a new Terror, with specific anti-Semitic features.

>The torture chambers of Ignatiev and Riumin groaned with new Jewish and Mingrelian victims to destroy Molotov and Beria.
And only then did he die. Curious, no?
Stalin and Beria despised each other but were linked by invisible threads of past crimes, mutual envy and complementary cunning. Stalin still discussed foreign policy with Beria, even letting him write a paper proposing a neutral, reunified Germany. Beria could still manipulate the Generalissimo with what Khrushchev called “Jesuitical shrewdness” but he was too clever by half, riling Stalin. “You’re playing with a tiger,” Nina warned him. “I couldn’t resist it,” replied Beria.

The gap between Beria’s dreams and his reality had made him “a deeply unhappy man,” wrote his son.
Stalin was a pretty shrewd guy putting only sadistic monsters as chiefs of the NKVD and the like. Very good at being feared, no one will be loyal to them.
>slaughter your countrymen at the behest of the majority jewish politburo.
>have absolute power
>consolidate power by eliminating those same jews and people who have been their accessories.
>Die under suspicious circumstances and be usurped by a jewish rapist.
Molotov wasn't Jewish even if his wife was
If Beria was so smart why did he get blown the fuck out so easily after Stalin's death

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