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How is having children no immortality?
Children inherit your genes personality etc and if you teach them the information you know they are basically a copy of you

When people chose to not have children they die for all eternity since we are just genes and information at the service of the Demiurge and his God
Because you die. You imbecile.
You die, but your children and their children survive as well as the information of your lifetime, imbecile
Your children inherit very little of your life story and will never know all your firsthand experience. Then your children will die. If they had children, they will likely prioritize telling their own info to their kids, who will know even less about you. Then those people die. Eventually the direct bloodline stops and even if it doesn't, only a small remnant of you will exist after a long enough period.
And assuming humanity is destined for extinction, your descendants will die out.
You are made of matter, which came from a source external to your parents, and will return to that source after you die.
Your DNA is unique in its arrangement, but made up of the same materials as everyone else's.
>Your children inherit very little of your life story
I don’t have children but if you look at history people usually are very interested in their ancestors and their history

Not only ancestors from 100 years ago but from even 1000 years ago since their lives and events made them

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