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Nikon was an antichrist, the Nikon liturgy isn't the true liturgy, it's Satanic. Become an Old Believer.
First JW's and Iconoclasts and now Old believer online larpers?
is this board a den of schizo's?
>is this board a den of schizo's?
Yes and it’s most based for it
The only thing I know about old believers is that they use 2 fingers to do the cross and live somewhere in Siberia, Amish style

redpill me on them
I heard they fled down to modern day Moldova and created a separate orthodox old believers church after the czars persecution
They are based, and they called the tzar for what he is.
A fucking cocksucker.

Also, they are weird, but they are way less corrupt and more fanatical than conventional Orthodox church.
There's also basically a colony of them in Oregon somehow
>Patriarch notices his liturgical books differ from the greeks
>He assumes Russia drifted and aligns the liturgy to the greek style
>mostly minor changes, biggest ones being sign of the cross changing (Orthodox have strong writings on HAVING to do that right) and processions going counterclockwise (which doesn't actually make sense how the church is set up)
>bunch of people freak out and act like it's the endtimes
>tsar tells them to deal with it or die
>they go into hiding or do stupid stuff to get martyred
>most them lose any bishops so they have no priests or deacons either
>start getting a bunch of absolutely crazy beliefs in some sects
>because they can't interact with Russian society on penalty of death, they become self sufficient farmers
>more recent studies prove the Russian style was actually the older style to begin with
>Orthodox say sorry and let them back with their own rites with no problem
>the only ones that remain are crazy apocalyptists and ethno-religious supremacists
Basically Orthodox Protestants.
More like Orthosedes.

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