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File: 1626943028688.png (853 KB, 2940x1593)
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>samaritans come from judaism and not from yahwism
>islam comes from rabbinic talmudism
>the only judaism that comes from rabbinic talmudism is the orthodox
>jehovah witness come DIRECTLY from early christianity and NOT from the protestants
>catholics come from eastern orthodox
>anglicans are separate from the protestants
>"protestant reformist church" is just code word for lutherans and calvinists
>only mentions a few protestant denomination at random
>no mention of oriental orthodox
>animism meme
>all paganisms HAS TO HAVE come from the same source and be on equal footing with the jewish/islamic/christian denominations for some reason
man... this shit is completely retarded
I don't know if this shit was made by a liberal jehovah's witness trying to say that his denomination is the only correct one because it comes DIRECTLY from the early christians or by a smarty pants plebitor that wanted to make a genealogy of all the religions and he just went with what ever wikipedia said.
Either way, I know this was made by a w*man cause it sure is retarded
everything on my drawing is true

samaritans were jews who mixed with foreigners from the assyrian empire, they followed judaism 1000 years before

there are probably other judaist sects but I didn't draw them

JWs are the only true christians, we are not protestants since protestants believe unbiblical doctrines like hell or the trinity unlike the original christians

catholics came from the eastern orthodox church, the pope wasn't even invited to the nicean council

henry VIII didn't know about martin luther

I call animism all primitive religions with no organization

yes all paganism came from Babylon : https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1101990035
nice larp faggot, now go back to the aids department
File: 1626894598675.png (2.48 MB, 5508x4268)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
the one who makes these is Jehovah witness retard who shits up the board regularly. either ignore his posts or mock and make fun of his bullshit. do you notice the green line? it means direct successor. while the red means a corruption or an offshoot. Hilariously this delusional neanderthal claims Jehovah's is essentially a direct successor to yahwism instead of the dumbest fanfic in the last thousand years. oh and also notice how most of the clothing is wrong. just lol desu what a joke
give a single evidence of one thing wrong that I ever said
don't (you) me you gross neanderthal
>he can't

it's mean to insult others just because you have no argument
I like his depiction of "Proto-Indo-European"
I know you're a dumbass but I want to hear the perspective of a dumbass. why is islam an offshoot of judaism instead of christianity? islam accepts christ as the messiah unlike the jewish faith. I'm not trying to learn history from you because I know most of your retarded views. but how do you justify this dumb view in particular.
>I don't know if this shit was made by a liberal jehovah's witness trying to say that his denomination is the only correct one because it comes DIRECTLY from the early christians
this is what they're trying to say, and it's downright wrong
Lara, do you accept that you are wrong about Neanderthals yet?
>why is islam an offshoot of judaism instead of christianity?

islam is a jewish sect gone wrong. muhammad was converted to talmudism by pharisees in yathrib

>islam accepts christ as the messiah unlike the jewish faith

but like jews, islam doesn't believe Jesus was the son of God and considers it blasphemy, which funny enough is the reason why Jesus was put to death by the sanhedrin

the reason muhammad considers Jesus a prophet is because a Nestorian priest named Bahira was nice to him when he was young

now stop insulting me, it's mean
Is Lara french? cause this drawfag is, I don't think Lara was french, she didn't have any french accent.
>how do you know he/she is french
french flag while posting his drawings on /pol/
I don't pretend to be an expert, but it's clear the Neanderthal physique is a result of the Ice Age brought by the flood in 2370 AD

>islam is judaism but it isn't because they accept the messiah but it is but it isn't b...
we call this cognitive dissonance. get some help
were you raised a christian, if not what made you convert
I studied the bible and came to know that it is logical and answers every question

way to not answer my question at all, were you raised as a christian?
lmao, so the there hasn't been a real church and real christians for 1800 until the masonic russell comed along. Funny that
Early in his ministry, Jesus said: “Be on the watch for the false prophets who come to you in sheep’s covering, but inside they are ravenous wolves.” (Matt. 7:15) Years later, the apostle Paul was inspired to issue a similar warning: “I know that after my going away oppressive wolves will enter in among you and will not treat the flock with tenderness, and from among you yourselves men will rise and speak twisted things to draw away the disciples after themselves.”—Acts 20:29, 30.

Christians were taught how to identify and avoid such dangerous men. Christian elders were instructed to remove apostates from the congregation. (1 Tim. 1:19; 2 Tim. 2:16-19; 2 Pet. 2:1-3; 2 John 10) Nonetheless, as was the case with Israel and Judah of old, many Christians gradually turned a deaf ear to loving warnings. By the end of the first century, apostasy had taken root in the congregation. John, the last of the apostles still living at the close of the first century C.E., observed that the congregation was suffering such corruption and widespread rebellion. He was the only remaining restraint against that wicked trend. (2 Thess. 2:6-8; 1 John 2:18) What happened after John died?
>Christians were taught how to identify and avoid such dangerous men
In deed, am seeing one of them right now
After John’s death, Jesus’ parable of the wheat and the weeds began to see fulfillment. (Read Matthew 13:24-30.) As Jesus had foreseen, Satan oversowed the congregation with “weeds,” or imitation Christians, and the corruption of the congregation sped up. How heartbroken Jehovah must have been to see the congregation his Son had founded become polluted with idolatry, pagan holidays and practices, and false doctrines adopted from godless philosophers and satanic religions! What did Jehovah do? As he had done with unfaithful Israel, he let his people be taken into exile. From sometime in the second century C.E. onward, the wheatlike ones were lost among the imitation Christians. The true Christian congregation was, in effect, in exile in Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion, whereas the imitation Christians were absorbed by that corrupt empire. As the imitation Christians flourished, Christendom came into being.

Throughout the dark centuries of Christendom’s dominance, there were some genuine Christians, the “wheat” of Jesus’ parable. Like the Jewish exiles described at Ezekiel 6:9, they remembered the true God. Some courageously opposed the false doctrines of Christendom. They faced mockery and persecution. Did Jehovah intend to forsake his people permanently in that realm of spiritual darkness? No! As was the case with Israel of old, Jehovah’s anger was expressed to the proper degree and for the right amount of time. (Jer. 46:28)

See Jesus' prophecy of the wheats and the weeds


russell didn't invent a new religion, he simply sought to help people follow the pure worship founded by Christ
I was raised one, but it doesn't mean you are considered one. For most people if your parents are X then you are X, if you are born in Y then you are most likely Y. Your religion is in general determined by your upbringing and environnment.
It's different for true christians, because it's a personal decision you make when you get baptized because you are convinced it is the truth and want to dedicate yourself to God.
If you are raised a christian, and stay a christian, I respect that, it is reasonable, and a way to honor your family. All I ask is for you to not preach in my direction, cause that is disrespectful.
why wouldn't you want to accept God's gift to live in paradise ?
ITT: JW tard links to the totally well researched and unbiased JW website to talk about how their Masonic sect is actually the true continuation of the Christian church (there were no Christians from 100-1800 AD apparently) and then calls normal Christians lying deceitful wolves while refusing to see that the masons that created their little splinter was done so by the actual deceitful wolves.

Peter held three seats: Antioch, Alexandria, and Rome. There are three successor churches to his thrones: Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Orthodox respectively. Enough with your cultist babble. JWs are disingenuous and we’re founded by liars and corrupters whether they know it or not.
Do I look like I believe in fairy tales, let alone jewish ones? I respect you, you should do the same for me.
why do you think it's a fairy tale ?
I'm not playing that game brub, sorry
shut up retard
Matthew 16:19
bet you don’t even transubstantiate
at least tell me why you are not interested
At Matthew 16:17, 18, we find Jesus’ words to Peter: “I say to you, you are Peter [whose name means “A Piece of Rock”], and upon this rock I will build my church.” Was Jesus saying that his “church,” or congregation, would be built upon Peter, a man? Was Peter to be the head of all other followers of Jesus? How did the other apostles present at that conversation understand Jesus’ words? The Gospels reveal that later, on a number of occasions, they argued about who was the greatest among them. (Matthew 20:20-27; Mark 9:33-35; Luke 22:24-26) If Jesus had already given Peter primacy, or superiority, could there have been any question as to who was the greatest among the apostles?

How did Peter himself understand Jesus’ words? Growing up an Israelite, Peter would have been familiar with various Hebrew prophecies speaking of a “stone” or a “cornerstone.” (Isaiah 8:13, 14; 28:16; Zechariah 3:9) When he quoted one of them in a letter to his fellow believers, Peter explained that the prophesied “cornerstone” was the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Peter used the Greek term pe’tra (the same word found in Jesus’ statement at Matthew 16:18) for Christ alone.—1 Peter 2:4-8.
You were raised a christian, I was raised an atheist, my family regularly cursed god. We don't believe in any supernatural force.
The apostle Paul was another faithful follower of Jesus. Did Paul believe that Jesus had given Peter primacy? Acknowledging Peter’s position in the early Christian congregation, Paul wrote that Peter was among those “reputed to be pillars.” For Paul, there was more than just one ‘pillar.’ (Galatians 2:9) Moreover, if Peter had been appointed by Jesus as the head of the congregation, how could he simply be reputed, that is to say, supposed or thought by his fellow believers, to be a pillar?

When writing regarding certain inconsistencies in the way Peter treated people, Paul respectfully but frankly stated: “I opposed him to his face because he clearly was wrong.” (Galatians 2:11-14) Paul did not think that Christ had built his church, or congregation, upon Peter or any other imperfect man. On the contrary, he believed that the congregation was built on Jesus Christ as the foundation. For Paul, “the rock was the Christ.”—1 Corinthians 3:9-11; 10:4.

So how are we to understand the words: “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church”? To understand an excerpt correctly, we need to read its context. What were Jesus and Peter speaking about? Jesus had just asked his disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” Without hesitation, Peter answered: “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” With that, Jesus commended Peter and then added that he would build his “church,” or congregation, on an even more solid “rock,” the one in whom Peter had just expressed faith—Jesus himself.—Matthew 16:15-18.
>all other religions come from one source
>jehovah’s witnesses are the true successor
The only good thing on this cultist’s dumb fucking drawing is that christianity is the actual continuation of judaism.
You can fuck right off you pedophile braindead slaveminded piece of shit knock off mormon.
Suck a fat cock you cultist and go back to your LDS-Lite doomsday cult.
>the end times are near
>join our cult-no uhh our true interpretation of the bible
>the end times are imminent
>uhh it didn’t happen uhh
>two more weeks
>two more months
>two more years
>two more decades
>two more centuries
>its coming soon we swear
All fields.
Remember not to bump this cultist thread.
Consistent with this, many of the “Church Fathers” wrote that the rock of Matthew 16:18 is Christ. For example, Augustine in the fifth century wrote: “The Lord said: ‘On this rock-mass I will build my Church,’ because Peter had told him: ‘You are the Christ the Son of the living God.’ It is therefore on this rock-mass, that you confessed, that I will build my Church.” Augustine repeatedly stated that “the Rock (Petra) was Christ.”

Augustine and others would be considered heretics if judged according to current Catholic doctrine. In fact, according to Swiss theologian Ulrich Luz, the consensus of opinion on this subject among Bible scholars today would have been condemned by the 1870 Vatican Council as heresy.
Most evil man in history.
what is it that makes you feel this way ?
am not a jwfag retard. Radtradcath gang is going to rape you
You just said a lot of words that don’t really mean anything. Even if you don’t care about Matthew 16:19, there is absolutely no way that the Jehovahs Wtinesses have any Apostolic claim whatsoever.

>doesn’t even have Holy Communion
tell me more about your Early Christian succession
I don't feel any way, this is how I was raised and I stay loyal to my family.
>You just said a lot of words that don’t really mean anything
I've just explained what Matthew 16:19 means

>doesn’t even have Holy Communion

it's the most important day of the year and is celebrated by all JWs at the same time

Would you be interested if I show you scientists with an atheist background that have found reasons to believe in God ?
It doesn’t matter.
This thread brings attention to one of tge worst doomsday cults. And this absolute braindead cultist is trying to use it to spread his meme.
He really thinks that spewing the same words millions of Jw fuckers tell people on their front porch is going to make people convert. Over the internet too. Noone here is some dumb white american that is gonna fall for the “join us to save yourself” meme.
Everyone here is so sick of this moron, they’re more likely to make their own jw but better just to show how stupid jw is than join their doomsday cult.
You know what will make jw more approachable? Less obnoxious bullshit like
>we’re the only real christians
>end times are imminent
>we swear
>like totally
>join our cult-uhh true christianity
Its a lying cult. You are the fucking false prophets.
But you’ll never realize that because you’re
>a dumb rural american
>arrogant and ignorant
And with that trio, noone is escaping the cult.
Your great grandchildren are still going to be sitting around getting laughed at and thinking
>any day now
>two more weeks
You are the retarded cousin of Mormonism.
LDS will always be a thousand times better than your doomsday cult.
That’s how awful you are.
All fields.
Don’t reply to this braindead cultist.
I would hate it, thanks for asking in advance.
File: chr.png (221 KB, 1615x580)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
cringe and christcuck pilled
>nation of islam
>has anything to do with islam
it's just black people wewuzzing
File: 1626986941710.jpg (5 KB, 128x122)
5 KB
>Nation of Islam even being included
>no Sikhism
>Hindu to Buddhism instead of Indo-Iranian to Mazdak, Vedic religion, Jainism and Buddhism
>Jehovah's Witnesses are the true successors to the Yahwists
>near eastern paganism created African animism
Yep I'm calling it retarded
Fascinating how Jehovah's Witnesses say that the early church was corrupted but use their bible anyway. How disappointing.

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