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File: uh.jpg (396 KB, 761x686)
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can anyone analyze this logo? it was used for a presidential campaing. it worked, the guy won. i find it striking too but cant analyze it properly. anyone can lay down its elements? why is the font like that like far west saloon or circus? is it fused with something else? why the bent bar as base? is it alluding at the sun rising?
The bent bar at the base alludes to this guy's moustache
he won because the other guy was shit, but theyre both shit, so it was voting who was the least shittiest.

He's playful, cheerful, name is solid, the line is just to emphasize.
Chile in my GD? no way
>Puts a white logo on a white background
Congratulations it now reads as BO IC. They could have easily put the logo down a little bit and it would have red just fine.

God damn these /pol/ design fags.
>el merluzo
>el merluzo
I seriously can't believe people think this shit sounds offensive in the slightest. I more often see people mocking them for using that shit lol

I have absolutely no idea about the logo, but imo Boric's victory was 100% about Kast being considered a disgusting piece of shit for most people

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