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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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File: REK.png (2.37 MB, 2710x1178)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
why does the red-white-black color scheme work so well?
it's quite simple. black and white is the most fundamental form of showcasing any visual elements. red is one of the 3 primary colors, and it works well when combined with black and white since it gives a splash of color. in fact black+white+another color would work really well as well.

however, not all designs in your post are great examples. for example the nazi swastika is now a loser symbol, and for a good reason as well. the entire world hates it, and only unstable and deranged losers associate with it
Black, white, and red are the first few colors human civilizations learn to differentiate from, and those colors sticking out to them is likely why they stick out to us in the modern day. Black and white being dark and light, and red being the color of blood, various types of fruits, some dangerous animals, and fire (which is more like orange, but it's close). These colors all have significance in a very primal part of our minds.
back to your containment board
File: c.png (2.39 MB, 2710x1178)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
>in fact black+white+another color would work really well as well.
Absolutely not (pic very related)

>for example the nazi swastika is now a loser symbol, and for a good reason as well. the entire world hates it, and only unstable and deranged losers associate with it
Not /gd/ related. >>>/pol/

>Persona 5
File: ezgif-5-c87a3579cf.png (2.05 MB, 2400x1714)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
no need to get triggered. we're having a rational conversation here

obviously teal wouldn't work for those examples, since red was chosen for some different versions of it's symbolism: power, fire, intensity, blood, and so on.

but for other contexts, black+white+other strong (often primary) color works just as well.

and ofcourse mentioning that the swastika is now a loser symbol is /gd/ related, since that's what the OP asked.

>why does the red-white-black color scheme work so well?
I answered that it doesn't for all examples in his image

>slaps the standard RGB Hue/Saturation adjustment layer on top.
>says it is worse

If you knew anything about design you would realize how this is stupid.
the hue shift messes with all sorts of dimensions in color space and how the result will pretty much always look dumb (at least try LAB). what people are colloquially calling 'value' is all over the place!
and you are actively taking examples that have been especially created with the BLACK, WHITE and RED color scheme in mind as well.

>taking away one of its key design features and forcing a random other decision on top wont reliably lead to equally good examples? what a surprise!!!1!11
next up: takes away the characters in the character sheet and rambles about how the resulting composition is comparably boring lol

red is an intense color with its special functions. it is the color of blood and fire. some toxic mushrooms are red. but also many nutritious fruit. the lips of fertile females. human cheeks.
like every color it is superior in expressing certain emotions that are tied to typical human life.

but in regards to:
>in fact black+white+another color would work really well as well.
of course it would! just for other reasons.
red is the best option for certain moods/purposes, and no other color is able to compete for the same qualities.
>but for others.

try matching the qualities in design of yellow pikachu with red instead...

>tldr: black and white is pure lightness perception. it is neutral and allows for harmonious combination with any other hue.

I hate nazis but what the fuck has the current historical context to do with the design qualities of their symbolism?!
well. fuck me.
They are primordial colors. Black/night, white/light, red/blood. Back then that's all you needed to identify. Every other color comes from these.
Plus it's kewl
>every other color comes from these.
excuse me wtf?!
because Black goes with anything
>urrent historical context
good design isnt ignorant of how images read to people
also, lol nazis are such big whiny babies and gross
which it weren't. back then it wasn't ignorant of historical context.

you wouldn't call a Malevich original bad just because it doesn't fit todays times.

there is also much more theory to explore in the realms of geometric forms and simlicity in design, which you are trying to sweep under the rug with a political opinion. an opinion that in itself is understandable, yet useless in this technical discussion.
nazi symbolism and drittes reich propaganda was very definitely well designed, and many of its principles can be learned from and used today. completely independent of how much you are trying to push another agenda.

they mostly are whiny. I agree.

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