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File: IMG_3702.jpg (3.3 MB, 4032x3024)
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How do you blend oil pastels on sketch paper without wasting white or finger fucking?
choose a better medium or blend with a skin tone esque colour retard
Notice how the brown isn't mixing very well from mild pressure. Also if the answer is "finger fuck" just say finger fuck.
Okay retard I'll share some of my knowledge with you. Pastels are a medium that basically is for introduction into color theory(my art college was like this and many others are the same). They teach really well how colors appear and mix together. yes you just mix with your fucking finger unless you want to be a pretencious retard and buy a special tool because your oh so good with pastels (youre not). Its basically a medium made for children( think of crayons) nigger
Yes fuckstick, that's why I picked the medium, to force me out of language and into a basic full coverage easy as fuck failure mode.

How hard is it for you to say, "Just finger fuck the cunt?" Obviously you're out of practice with that phrase.

Also given the death of technique under the assault of concept in high modernism there's no such thing as a children's medium but rather media that don't sell.

>you[']re not
That's the point mate. You're not going to get a demonstrator gig at Campbelltown TAFE with that pedagogy.
your post made me laugh so
add more pigment, use quality pastels, or buy what i believe to be alcohol based blending fluid, and use a paper blender. i havent used them in a long time but i remember having to really push the pastel down hard and use like half a stick for a piece. they are dry and skratchy the fingers though youre right.
Just finger fuck the cunt

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