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File: Where_a41c67_6691842.png (190 KB, 1200x1357)
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"professional graphic designer":
>dude wtf they want me to "program" (html and css to be able to prototype) wtf i am a UI DESIGNER i should be paid for drawing static rounded rectangles and placing text in wysiwyg image editor based on what i think it will work like i have CONCEPTUAL mind

random amateur indy game dev neckbeard:
>*learns and applies c++, linear algebra and calculus, physics, drawing, 3d modeling, image editing, cad, ui design, composing music, web development as part of realizing a hobby*
>>random amateur indy game dev neckbeard
>2d and 3d animation and video editing
>>one is hired by a company
>>the other one works for themselves
In the first case that's a company not wanting to pay for the work of two people. You can only do one thing at once: You either design or code. While you're coding, you're not designing. Who will have the best design, you think? The person that divides their attention or a company that has someone churning out iterations at 2X the speed compared to their competitor?
>While you're coding, you're not designing
So what is design prototyping? How do you "design" an interaction like on-click animation or transition in UI without iterating by tweaking parameters in "code"? Do you have aversion of text editors because you think that knowing Adobe software should be the maximum extent of your IT skills for problem solving?
For example, landing page of https://github.com/ - these interactive animations and overlays where not done by some brainlet who can only draw things in XD/Figma/Sketch, they were planned out ("designed") and tweaked by someone with a software developer background.
Sorry, I acknowledge
>In the first case that's a company not wanting to pay for the work of two people.
but seems like the practice is not quite up to date and result turns into money sink because of the "professional designer's" disconnect with technical aspects of the thing they are designing for.
Also, nobody expects print designers (packaging, magazines etc.) not having clue of how printing technologies they target work in details, because that would be destructive, but for some reason it is OK in the digital realm to bring in some retard who is "more of a creative type" and knows an image editor or two at most.
Who cares, lol, designers will be out on the streets soon enough anyway.
its just as likey someone dropped a sketch and instructions on some code monkey's desk
Most job offers say I need to know motion and video editing, photoshop and illustrator.

Either I learn using YT or a buy a course.
this, most companies now are just happy with Canva
File: 1685255776299.png (187 KB, 1136x536)
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I know who you're talking about anon

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