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I don't hate comic sans.

I think is the best font in certain contexts.
no you dont
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Blindly hating comic sans is Reddit-brain moment
If you ask them why they hate comic sans they wouldn't be able to give you a coherent objective answer

>Comic sans is bad because... because... because it just is, ok?!
bro your life is comic sans
Like many such fonts before it, it earned itself its bad reputation because the normalfaggots that used the font kept using it in wrong and inappropriate contexts; it would've been negligible if it had been used in things like daycare signage or even homemade missing poster fonts, but then it memed itself into being hated because it somehow got onto things like ambulances, Holocaust memorials and even Canadian coinage.
Some fonts however, like Windows' version of Papyrus, are just naturally ugly because the Capitals and lowercases were horribly mismatched.
As for me, I just think it's tacky and dated. Sure, it has its uses, but I don't think there's really a way to pull off "Comic Sans" in a visually pleasing way /gd/-wise; it just feels like it's gonna stick out like a sore thumb to me.
Name or post more.
Good points, oddly enough where incongruity might make a particular typeface a good choice for subtly conveying levity, playfulness or irony, comic sans fails because it's *so* on the nose and has no subtlety.

Even typical comic book lettering can work in less than comical contexts and add another dimension to how the reader perceives it; comic sans is just maximum cornball "smile now" signaling that offends people's intelligence and is maximum lazy effort when there are so many truly amusing typefaces to choose from if you really feel the need to sell the yuk-it-up factor that hard.

It's the artificial pumpkin spice meme scent of the typographic world.
File: 564de4ddc2e25.jpg (50 KB, 630x630)
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seems a skill issue.

comic sans is perfect for babies products, cope.
>seems a skill issue.
Yes, people with zero skills think it's "the best font in certain contexts" because on of the skills they lack is recognizing and selecting a better one.

>comic sans is perfect for babies products, cope.

So what you are saying is that it's good for people with totally undeveloped intellect, have no life experience or sense of taste, quality, etc. to inform their decisions and have no choice but to consoom what's given to them.
Also babies might like it
No, every faggot teacher I've spoken about this, the first idea they have for actually properly using the font is baby and toddler daycare stuff.
>every faggot teacher
>the first idea they have

SO ...people with totally undeveloped intellect, no life experience or sense of taste, quality, etc. to inform their decisions.

Thank you for making the point yet again.

Quality typefaces don't need "educaators" to go out of their way to find reasons for their existence, ESPECIALLY when the allegedly "proper" use is stated right in the fucking name.

Rule #1 of comedy is: If you have to explain it or signal the "proper" response, it's not comical.
I also like
you do not
File: 1873627454.jpg (10 KB, 152x232)
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You need glasses
It's a great small print display font for CRTs. But the more you drift from that context, the more it looks like shit
File: Comic-Sans.png (88 KB, 1080x1080)
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