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What is /gd/'s thoughts on Sam's opinions in this video?
In particular the last 3 minutes.
>this is better than a college education is design
fucking LOL you think a good school doesnt have all this shit in their libraries? bro cmon

i watch your 8 minutes, mostly being "whatever"

of course Amazon is shit. you dont ask amazon what the good books are, you dont consult their lists - you go there to see if they have a cheaper version of a book you already know you want, otherwise the place is shit. so yea - agree about that and agree you gotta know tha good basic principles - which you arent gonna learn from Emigre (emigre is cool - go get their old magazines n shit - they have them online p sure)

his rants about 8 cent advertising was interesting too

but yeah - you need the hard core rtve kvlt reading list and the time to read it, practice it until it makes sense - then go be free, then somewhere along the line figure out how to get paid

here bb sign in get some
How much did you have to drink when you wrote this?
not much
i dont recall making a post asking peoples opinions on my spelling or needing to ask people about some blogtard on youtube
perhaps you should join me for a few drinks and learn something and say thanks for the link
Good, but I cannot find Fundamental Principles of Design anywhere online besides part 3 that anon posted earlier :(
silly rant. he's attributing his disdain of current trends in design as the failure of the education system and corporate greed. it's not. it's just the fucking future.

graphic design has been mostly unchanged for the past 100 years. the same core tenants the bauhaus pushed back then are driving the industry today, but our tools are different, our capabilities are different, and of course the trends are different. all the important contemporary design education books teach the same shit maier. brockmann, bill and albers wrote about, the same things you'd read in a $40,000 original copy of interaction of color is in new basics of graphic design by ellen lupton (+ a bunch more information because we learned a lot in the past 60 years). they're not full of archaic information lost by time, they're fancy coffee table books for design nerds, which is totally fine, but stop being such a fuck ass about it.

this is the same argument boomers make when they turn on the raido and don't hear the eagles playing so they say music sucks. shut the fuck up and die already.

a way better take away from all of this is to know the history of design and take some time away from dribbble and read a book every once and a while. There are lots of great places for inspiration outside of Instagram.
you dont need 40000 to get an albers book dude and you are better off getting to know the giants whose shoulders everyone is standing on
I looked at some of the books and they are dogshit. What's he smoking.
Here’s a guy who’s totally missing the point
File: 4.jpg (322 KB, 1132x469)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
take dudes dick out of your mouth, hes not preaching here you're just in love with him

he literally just believes old expensive shit is better because he is an elitest internet troll that finds merit in liking whats not mainstream. hes wearing thick round rimmed glasses, a beanie, and a tee from a band you've probably never heard of before and you're like "what a great take someone who is obviously not a fucking hipster"

LMAO, you were doing so well until you stepped on your own dick with this:

>this is the same argument boomers make when they turn on the raido and don't hear the eagles playing so they say music sucks. shut the fuck up and die already.

Way to completely miss the point- the same arguments you are making apply to modern music production as well:

>the same core tenants the people who pushed the Eagles used to justify them as "worthy" are driving the industry today

>but our tools are different, our capabilities are different

Technology has only made it easier to record creative musical efforts, but in spite of that

>all the important contemporary music production education educational materials teach the same shit

"Educators" and what they offer are never the spark that ignites artistic creativity as they want people to believe, good ones might but are vastly outnumbered by bad ones who do the opposite.

>and of course the trends are different

Except they really aren't when all they are is just repackaged stylistic cues sold as "fresh" the same way the Eagles' blend of soft rock, ersatz "outlaw" pop-country, croon-y ballads and occasional (blunt) edginess was sold as something new and exciting, more than once, too.

The problem isn't not hearing the Eagles, it's that with all the technology and freedom to create that's happened since bands like them had to satisfy industry gatekeepers just to get in a decent studio, motherfuckers are doing shit like this and other dumbasses believe it's "creative" and anyone who calls bullshit gets shouted down.



You’re projecting. Jelly of his success so anything that comes out of his mouth is wrong. Sad.
Spot on. I have a collection of NetMag (became Creative Bloq and later discontinued the printed magazines - still exists as a spammy blog site), Computer Arts Magazine, and other GD/web design printed magazines because the layouts alone are phenomenal. Most of the technical info is 15 years dated, but just the layouts serve as references. You can’t find anything like that now. Last time I went to a Barnes and Noble there were no GD magazines, and the technology/design book section was one shelf. The whole store was fine art, teen novels, and lgbtq/social justice topics.
File: HYW_Gumroad_DDees_bkgd_r2.png (5.02 MB, 1988x1400)
5.02 MB
5.02 MB PNG
Considering he graduated RISD and has been doing a shit-ton of aesthetically well-sensed and compositionally congruent graphic design both professionally and personally for well over a decade, I'd say he probably knows what he's talking about lmao
Who is even doing publication design anymore?

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