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/gd/, what is the name of this old art style? I really like it.
Isn't that pinup?
Depends on what aspect of it you want to focus on, lots of pinups use that style of painting but are usually more standalone rather than display ads...that said many pinups in that style were made for calendars given out as advertising.
"Cheesecake" is another term for that style that carries a bit less of a sexually provocative vibe.
Neither term excludes illustrations made with diffentvtechniques like airbrush or photography, what those examples and many similar magazine and other advertising illustrations of the mid 20th century have in common is that they're all painted using gouache which allows for a very broad range of effects from solid opaque to watercolor-like washes and has a characteristic look that can be at once almost photorealistic but also very dramatic and painterly...it's very versatile and good for quick output on paper board so became the main medium for that kind of color illustration work when color photography was still cost prohibitive for magazines and other ephemera.
Picrel really shows just how wide a range of illustrative styles it can do while still being one cohesive look.
If you want to see a true master of that gouache painting blend of realism and artistic license check out J. Fredrick Smith, who did sexy pinups, advertisingcart that wasn't necessarily focused on women at all, and later became a major photographer who shot the first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover in 1964.

File: J_Frederick_Smith2.jpg (155 KB, 1200x754)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
>photorealistic but also very dramatic and painterly..
That's what I like about it so much. It's so realistic but slightly "cartoony". Thanks for all that information. Is there really no official term for this art style? Seems odd since it was so popular and highly used for a decent period of time.

Smith's art is fantastic, wow, by the way.
>It's so realistic but slightly "cartoony"

Funny you mention that, "cartoon" originally meant something different than it does now and was essentially a sketching color rendition of a larger work like a fresco or tapestry, done on heavy paper using water based paints.
Picrel is a famous example and hints at that realistic style
...compare that image to someone like Frank Frazetta who combined that old school technique with purely fictitious situations and subjects, and was also both a comic book artist and fine art painter who was a major influence in the illustration style of the latter half of the 20th century. Part of that was to use more posterized color pallettes (like comic books) combined with very realistic modeling and light depictions of the old masters.
In broad terms "fantasy realism" is one term that applies to this general style but many people see that as strictly being about "fantasy" like sword and sorcery or sci-fi related illustrations, largely because of people like Frazetta and Boris Vallejo.

But Frazetta also did straight up pinup art too, and even in his most medieval/Sci fi fantasy art there's usually a healthy dose of cheesecake sensibilities.
Boris is the same.
Not quite as photorealistic as some of Smith's work, but very focused on realism anatomically and in the related play of light...along with being cartoonist at the same time.
The look is a bit different, Frazetta worked mostly in oils but he used gouache too, sometimes together.
He also tended to work a lot smaller than you'd imagine, some of his most epic and complex works are like 9"×12".
A Frazetta self portrait that's photorealistic and not cartoonish
super interesting! thanks a ton for taking the time and sharing your knowledge!
I can't really provide anything meaningful myself in this regard, but still wanted you to know how much it is appreciated!
if you have more input to offer, Id be super glad reading everything you are deciding to share! hehe


It is very appealing how in these illustrations >>438336 the important parts like faces are quite detailed/emphasized, yet less meaningful areas like clothes are depicted in this flat, graphic manner.
that makes the image incredibly easy to digest. cheesecake indeed.

Frazetta and Vallejo are amazing. another example that comes to mind is Jeffrey Catherine Jones. a bit later Sorayama, maybe? tho that might be stretching it a bit?
do you have more examples of such calibers to expand my library?
File: IMG_0001.jpg (1.12 MB, 1200x1047)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>the important parts like faces are quite detailed/emphasized, yet less meaningful areas like clothes are depicted in this flat, graphic manner.

some of that goes back to the original cartoon as a map for a larger work concept where its basically a looser color sketch and only the detailed areas need to be finished out.
Its also a painter's approach where you do a minimal underpainting to block out color balance and hues, that is part of how they get that natural lighting effect where objects and materials almost glow and that glow all ties together across the color fields. IOW they develop the elements and shapes and light reflections on them out of that undetpainting rather than drawing them and adding a reflection on top afterwards.
For commerci illustrators leaving those backgrounds undeveloped saved time and printing hassle/costs but also helped focus on the important action, and became a style...its not for nothing that this is a common comic book technique too, for the same reasons. FWIW a lot of modern western artists got that from traditional Asian art, especially prints.

As for other artists, theres so many...lots of great illustrations were made so fast and in such quantity that nobody really knows who did them, just looking through old magazines is a treasure trove.
One major player worth checking out is Mort Künstler-

Even with a monochromatic lighting scheme picrel manages a very convincing realism where it matters...it's more finished but when you look closely at the details away from the illuminated center action around her face and body, much of the detail is not that detailed at all and almost impressionistic.
A couple more that represent opposite ends of the spectrum

N.C. Wyeth, a true master (pic related)

Art Frahm...not a true master in any sense but stood himself apart in a crowded niche and is fun as hell...really put the cheese in cheesecake, and the celery too-

File: frahm10.jpg (158 KB, 800x968)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
That last link might be weird, here's another

This is a really amazing NC Wyeth illustration that's way ahead of its time (1906), you can tell that Frazetta and other later realist illustrators were very influenced by his style.
File: B2WEe9qCMAAGa4m.png (811 KB, 522x742)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
Not everything he does is in that style but Bruce McCall started out in the 50s doing illustrations for Ford and has that kind of illustration style down pat, and is funny as hell to boot.

it's just cringe consumerism of the era, the type americanoids look up to because they lack any real bonding culture as a nation and fantasize about le based trad times where you (still) wore shoes indoors, (still) bought the latest electronical appliances to fill the gaping hole in your soul where any sense of meaning fled from and women (still) were whores, but only just beggining figuring things out and taking the inches before the miles beta cucks eagerly gave them

if you ever desire to actually detach from such jewish programming and actually focus on a particular art style, look up plakatstil/sachplakat and ludwig hohlwein in particular, it's truly groundbreaking stuff and actually carries a message with elegance, which you can clearly see in war posters as well, unlike the americanoid propaganda "art" of the times which were (still) pure seething kvetches of the "hitler is le baddest" type
>t. shrieking poorfag who doesn't even have blue eyes
>jewish programming and actually focus on a particular art style, look up plakatstil/sachplakat
Lol it's also is jewish consumerism with whores. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
File: frahm10.png (1.31 MB, 800x968)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
come on now, you know you can't compare actual style and class founded upon a common understanding and feeling of a nation - a genuine ethos, with the crass attempt of appealing to the lowest common denominator to at least evoke the coom pavlovian response in some poor bastard risking his life to build the giant skyscrapers and future rat races their judaic overlords desired

even frazetta's stuff, as interdasting as it may be, lacks that true deeper meaning, the underlying motif, purpose, direction, it's all just manufactured, cheap trills, as it can rarely ever get to the bone of it, to suck its marrow since there's no real sense of urgency, no need to actually transmit something but just to entertain
File: Dr. Mengeloid.jpg (105 KB, 401x480)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>90 IQ tard desperate to sound intelligent
Kill yourself.
File: FhtJjmUWYAAlXBA.jpg (116 KB, 876x1200)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
i look nordic as fuck, prussian german ethnicity

i would've been hortler's top guy
File: 81x3rteupjl._sl1500_.jpg (171 KB, 1125x1500)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
tell me where i'm wrong, gene hoarder
show me some pieces of americanoid ww2 propaganda posters that won't set your teeth on edge by sheer force of pure cringe, find me some advertisements that actually play on the viewers' ability to perceive the subtleties specific to having a common cultural background, i.e. not having to spell everything out so even the immigrants that can barely speak english can understand, that affording of proud elitism and trust in your people and not the desperate need to come down to the level of the crass masses

you can't, these can never be achieved:
the game was rigged from the start, it's all mediocrity and instinctual fee-fees "huehue panties drop hehe titty showing dick hard shieeee"
>i look laplander as fuck
finns arent nords, bro
>i would've been hortler's top guy

Maybe as a test subject, they definitely were focused on mental defectives and dwarves so a two-fer like you would certainly be attractive.

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