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File: 1661075848055206.png (1.19 MB, 1707x4991)
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what is this style called
I want her wearing a bikini and a shock collar which I have the remote control to and her hand washing my car this week.
Now that the kiwifarms is back someone should make a thread for these fags

idgaf, the site is fun and comfy and Froyo Tam's art is rad. Like yeah sure the aesthetic names don't match up with things that are commonly known blah blah blah who cares.
Is /gd/ going to war with cari?
>Froyo Tam's art is rad.
Obviously it's all subjective but I looked on her website and didn't see anything visually remarkable or all that creative...most of it seemed very focused on pushing an activist agenda...nothing inherently wrong with that but there's a line between an artists voice and propaganda, and the single most apparent element or message to her work and the cari stuff that comes through, is that she not only doesn't respect that concept, but feels that an artists job is to be overtly political and use art as a kind of truncheon to beat on anyone who doesn't toe the line according to her personal views.
Creating an "institute" for the purposes of asserting the authority of her pronouncements about other people is right in line with this, as is her R.Crumb polemic, the insanely bitter butthurt of which is both troubling and comical-

"Robert Crumb is a huge racist, sexist, and perverted graphic illustrator. Why does he deserve all the credit in the underground comix world? "Eating Crumbs Off a Pig's Asshole" is a response to that, juxtaposing R. Crumb to feminist comic book authors including Alison Bechdel, Kate Beadon, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and others that represent the future of underground comix."

>Why does he deserve all the credit ???
Willingness to lash out like a jealous, rabid banshee with massive personal insecurities isn't "art". Neither is a megalomaniacal approach to being a propagandist.

Besides all that, on a technical level her work is pretty underwhelming and the quality of what she chooses to feature calls into question why she thinks she's anyone worth listening to...
her photography in particular is laughably pedestrian- but in keeping with the rest of her shtick reeks of the hipster game where any bad critique is just evidence that people who dont adore her "just don't get it" because she's too "deep".
IOW it serves as bait.

Of course if it all turns out to be an elaborate parody of fart sniffing self important art-faggery then she's fucking brilliant and deserves a MacAurther Grant and a medal.
who is that and why should I care? never heard that name before
The first person whose bio is on the OPs screenshot.
If you already know that and are asking why should you care, then yeah, good question.

Kind of telling though that when the subject comes up, rather than trying to answer the question, the response is a terse and accusatory "who cares?" intended to shame people for asking the same thing first.

The answer of course is "nobody, really" which is no doubt at the heart of why the people involved are so strident in trying to assert themselves and their wannabe power.
I meant more 'who is that ' in the sense of 'what is her function?'.
like... why do people even know that person?
I only know of her and that site/"institute" because someone cited it as some kind of authority here in response to a question about what some images design style / look should be categorized as.
Someone tossed out a meaningless buzzword, and when asked "says who?" the cari site was cited as the final word.
When further investigation made people ask even harder "why should I take their word for it?" and "who made them the authority?" the only response was personal attacks demeaning people for asking or just caring (ironic) and/or pointing out how silly and pretentious that group and their rhetoric and professed authority are.
You should look at the cari site, it's almost impossible to imagine a more perfect example of overweening, self-important art faggery and is loads of unintentional laughs, like a little yapping dog that takes itself as serious as a heart attack and pouts when you dont act like its ten times its actual size.
interesting! thanks a lot for that thought out answer! I do understand much better now!
File: chevchelios.jpg (113 KB, 1200x800)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>shock collar
You sausage nigel. How do you sleep at night?

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