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Since I graduated from uni I was doing really well as a graphic designer working for a couple of corporate offices and doing freelance. That is, until the pandemic where I was forced to work in unrelated fields for years!

Now, I feel my work suffered for it. Before I wasn't doing very many creative things. Mostly cold internal office design. And now I have this awful gap in my resume.

I've been thinking of joining agencies and they all want to overwork me for very little pay (not in the US btw) and I'm just having a really hard time in general finding my stride again.

Has anyone else suffered this? How do I better my design in general in order to find work again in better places? I mean, technically I should be at least a Senior now, but I've fallen behind since the pandemic.
keep at it and dont give up, it is what it is
honestly probably a good portfolio will help
and start with side hustles! small projects. or even random courses or personal projects. that way u can have less of a gap
become a facilitator
making is dead
talking about making is the future

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