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File: AvA.jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
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I've started using Adobe Illustrator for the last couple of days and holy shit, this program is made by autists. It's unnecessarily complex and there are way too many things while using the pen tool that just don't make sense and make the work process that many times slower. And the layout is way too cluttered and feels crowded.
On the contrary, Affinity Designer allows a clean layout, a ridiculously easy to use pen tool and things like having a plethora of geometric shapes that make the work process a lot easier and quicker to get down.

The only things that I see Affinity Designer lacking are the mesh tool and the shape builder, may even add the width tool and having multiple gradients in one object as well. The moment Serif adds those things to their program, Adobe Illustrator dies, fuck your Creative Cloud.
I've been using this for a while and I agree. I only wish that they could export to illustrator file like they can do Affinity Photo to Psd so that I don't have to save as svg then import to illustrator when I'm turning in college assignments the require .ai submissions.
>It's unnecessarily complex
I been using affinity designer/photo for about a year now and I haven't missed illustrator at all. It was annoying at the start a bit sure when I was getting used to new software and had to YT 'how to do x' with illustrator terminology but now I don't even consider going back.

My favorite aspect is the persona system. I say I use photo but really I do 90% of photo stuff I need inside designer with the photo persona.
They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Cycle between to two noob
to put it simply
affinity: everything a chef needs to cook a good meal, as long as the chef is skilled enough to know how to use his tools properly, anything can be made with them

Ai: every single "as seen on TV" kitchen gadget under the sun
careful not to hurt your jaw with all that dick sucking
you know its true

the only thing affinity needs is a shapebuilder which it technically has, its just not ideal.
and warp text
Affinity Suit V2 incoming
Honestly not sure why anyone uses ai, it only makes sense if you’re getting Adobe through school, work, or cracking it (which I assume almost everyone is) They’ve alienated their genuine consumers just through greediness
any good crack source? i been using illustrator since i dropped inkscape like 6 years ago and would like to try this one instead of buying it, (trial is over)
Affinity Designer is fine for casual vector art needs. Illustrator is for pros. I use Illustrator every day, and have for years, so I know how and why it's for pros - but it doesn't matter, if you're not using it at my level. Affinity is fine for low level users like you.
File: 1650390414323.png (891 B, 42x50)
891 B
891 B PNG
how do i prevent this piece of trash from lagging so hard? 12 cores cpu, rtx3080, 32 gbs of ram and this piece of shit runs worse than cyberpunk sometimes
>Pro is bragging on 4chan
Sure, anon, I believe you.
Ive only ever used Adobe but im tired of paying, seeing as i have to sail the 7 seas, should i keep with adobe or try affinity?
what Adobe programs do you use the most and what kind of work you do? Affinity have very good feature parity for certain tasks (even better than Adobe in a few) but greatly lacks in other areas.
I feel like a prophet rn. Will be buying the whole suite as soon as I can.
if i use inkscape and then save the file as pdf, will AI be able to open and edit it ?
>>no after effects equivalent

is there really no alternative to AE?
>lack of mesh gradient
>replace AI
I keep hearing this since 2015
File: 1668143624622611.png (1.19 MB, 1582x2020)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
I don't hate Affinity, I recommend their apps all the time to newbs/hobbyists, but if you think Affinity is going to make a serious dent in Adobe, you're high. You just don't understand how the tools in Illustrator are used, and why. I've used llustrator forever, and while I could get the simple things i need to do done with Affinity, I need AI for my job - but it's pointless to explain why. Just use Affinity, and spend your time improving your vector art, instead of ranting like a child on 4chan about how you don't get AI, and think you're getting some childish vengeance on Adobe.
How big of a scratch disk do you have for it? It needs it as much as Photoshop does.
You need at minimum a dedicated partition, on a seperate physical drive if HDD if possible, that's 3x the size of the biggest file you work on. And, reduce the undo and history levels. Then go into the typical settings you can use, like lowering the raster preview setting, reduce screen quality, reduce the number of installed fonts, etc.
This slowdown is now affecting Affinity Designer too. That's the trouble when you start bloating a program.
kind of, but not really.
>Professional (collab)
>Professional (solo)
Adobe or Affinity
Whatever you want

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