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File: mockup.jpg (518 KB, 2560x1440)
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no critique thread so im making my own.
pic rel is a quick and dirty fps shooter main menu mockup i threw together, any crit/thoughts? inspo is the BIOS from my 2009 msi motherboard
The thumbnail was interesting enough to grab my attention, I personally think it's pretty cool.
thanks, gonna make a working version in unity soon. customizability wise I'm gonna go with being able to change the background colour, the yellow, and maybe the shade of the grey.
if the end product stays in this art style instead of those cookie cutter free models, I'm gonna play it.
Read the color values from an easily modifiable text file like an .toml or yml, even a json would work, also make a palette for all of your menus and use that as the default colorscheme make sure you add no odd colors that wouldn't work on the palette and you keep the individual colors below like 10 or so (not counting gradients and shades though keep those at minimum)
Caught my eye, not bad
File: unknown.png (113 KB, 1229x695)
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113 KB PNG
hi guys, had a busy couple of days. currently just got some time off and I will be posting updates on me putting the settings menu together in untiy soon. i have gambled around with the idea of making the trophy room, the guns, and the party section 3d with the ingame assets, and I am going to make sure it works on different resolutions and scales because the last thing I want is it looking ok on my ultrawide and everything overlaps for everyone else. googling how to make the vertical line snap from center to the top right now, will post another update when I actually get some stuff on the ground. after I finish the main menu getting good movement down is next.
File: DAHMER.png (4.19 MB, 2500x3500)
4.19 MB
4.19 MB PNG
made this no intentions for anything
File: unknown.png (216 KB, 1386x998)
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216 KB PNG
currently looking into this. i've worked with colour files in the past with android apps, not sure if unity has the same feature.
looks interesting. if this is a game in the works I'd like to follow development.
I made a discord, it is a first person shooter in the works.

File: file.png (54 KB, 816x647)
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from another thread (I'll let it die)

>>436971 gave me some ideas

now no longer as 'girly',
I like my draft better but I guess it's alright.
not particularly incredible but it does the job. gull makes sense in naples.

you didn't really understand line weights yet.
or alignment of objects.

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