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File: IMG_20220912_003234_538.jpg (89 KB, 1080x774)
89 KB
What do you think of my brand so far

Suggestions n thots appreciated
File: DSqkbeXUQAE9X57.jpg (836 KB, 1475x2000)
836 KB
836 KB JPG
The sticker looks good to me
I'd change the text a little bit to improve readability and maybe add some colors

And just a personnal suggestion : make it "wackier" just like picrel
File: dampgen.png (648 KB, 1242x878)
648 KB
648 KB PNG

what this guy said. readability could probably be enhanced a bit? maybe it's ocd of me but I would also try and keep line thicknes consistent.
outline of text < outline of pic

whackier could be cool also. picrel is quickly trying to exaggerate your proportions a bit. what you think? good/not good?
this is a logo design, not a brand.
but, for what it is, if this is what you're using to identify your brand, whatever it is, I wouldn't buy it.

this logo design is over-crowded
the text is too hard to read and that is already a hinderance

the icon itself looks like some emo/screamo/dubstep type design, so it looks gay af already, but that's my opinion.

This isn't a brand, this is a logo design
what is the brand that this is for anyway?

without context, it just looks like a cheap and generic design.
Anon, why are you trying to distract me with some useless argument about semantics? Take away the mascot and it's a brand, stop being an annoying fucking faggot. Anyways, I'm designing a music/clothing brand, the little guy is gonna be the mascot.

Lol, anon I will pay 1440 dollars and suck your dick if you can point me towards a mascot that looks like mine, stop shit posting. This is literally a prototype anyways, I have many more hours of revision (could use your input as to. How I could make him less generic) Anyways you're right about the text it's self, it was harder to be read before but it does need to be even more legible especially at a distance, . Might switch the text style entirely, but the design is just gonna get more busy desu, I'm gonna add a lot morr to the backgroind. Appreciate the autistic viewpoint

You will be buying this too
You will support your fellow anon

Took me a while to pinpoint what you did, but it looks a lot better like this

Everyone is right about the legibility, thought that myself from the beginning

Yeah waxkier is the direction imma go, this is just the beginning

Been looking st Murakami for inspo

Thank you all
To be fair, any design looks pretty generic without context
good stuff, anon.
It could make some use of a bit of refinement, but you got some cool ideas in place.
Most importantly I think you would profit from being a bit more careful about symmetry in the typeface.
chaotic lettering styles often need a fair bit of regard for that as to not lose all their structure. does that make sense?

in my redline I quickly highlighted some structural inconsistencies in your layout. they create unnecessary visual noise that overcomplicates readability.
While my rough drafts are by no means perfect, me simply taking deliberate care to fill a clearly defined and relatively symmetric silhouette and by keeping a fairly consistent density, it should be easier for viewers to process what they are seeing, eventhough each single character is quite similar to your original draft.

my steps involved doing a lose sketch, liquifying it to enhance silhouette clarity, making a mirrored copy on top to correct symmetry issues and finally doing a quick tidy up finishing the draft.

Not even knowing what exactly you are working on I think it could possible for this sketch taking things a bit too far in the metal band emblem direction, but I hope it is still helpful. (also: it should be obvious but I didn't really regard the mascot pm at all yet)
I've been using that face since like 2006 with a character based off of myself. The latest use was as mascot for my bicycle club, Street Punx NYC, which I started in 2019.

>picrel: mascot for SPNYC (current)
File: name-redacted.png (664 KB, 600x800)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
This is a photo of a sketchbook page from back in 2007 when I was starting to use this character.
File: detail.jpg (39 KB, 272x359)
39 KB
Even the line on my characters forehead, which is based on an actual scar I have there, was used as symbolic for a 3rd eye...

>picrel: detail from a 2007 sketchbook comic strip
God's think alike anon

No coincidences
this lad really dug through his archives and made an appealing case.
If he isnt deservant of that blowjob you offered I don't know who is...
I'll take the $1440, he can keep his head
>God's think alike anon
OP is nowhere near my level when I was 21, much less now.
Honestly your design doesn't remind me lol, a lot more generic than my dude too

Just the eye
File: model2007.gif (353 KB, 534x800)
353 KB
353 KB GIF

One last piece from that archive for good measure and balance, just in case doubts arise if I was able to actually draw (because it's usually the response to my crude cartoon style)
This is what I mean?
>a lot more generic than my dude too
lol you pissant, you wish
You're being autistic

You came in here just like to? Make yourself better about something lol?
What do you mean? Vamps an angel demon snowflake thing and your dudes just a generic black boy. Anyways man, you came here to shit things up but u wanna applause lld you on figuring out that mascot shit. It must have taken a lot of suffering on your behalf to manifest
>You came in here just like to? Make yourself better about something lol?
No, actually, OP's design just reminded me of my own and so I posted it.
that looks great! pretty cool.
to be fair its a copy / hardreferenced, but good work regardless. I would guess the hatching can't be copied like that and speaks for your skill
>Vamps an angel demon snowflake thing
I was actually going to post how they're not the same but then I remembered the third eye element. The sole purpose of my posts is because it undoubtedly uses the same elements. Obviously they're not the same thing. Two totally different designs with different purposes.
>your dudes just a generic black boy
lol not black.
not black?
bruv. he clearly black.
>Anyways man, you came here to shit things up but u wanna applause lld you on figuring out that mascot shit.
You sound salty, I have no reason or interest in shitting things up, that isn't beneficial to me
>It must have taken a lot of suffering on your behalf to manifest
What are you trying to psychoanalyze here?

Whatever you wrote, it isn't coherent
You're going to tell me he (I'm) black, when I'm not black. lol, okay
He's brown, because I'm brown (i.e. Latino)

LOL he's apposed to be Hispanic???? what a great design
File: bganz.png (1.16 MB, 768x1024)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Thanks. It's definitely from an old 1930's photo I found in some massive textbook. This is another reference sketch

I haven't drawn in a long while...I am having nostalgic sentiments now lol
I was driving

Art requires suffering, at least in my experience. I had to endure a lot to come up with the vision for vamp, a lot of scary ass drugs too that almost broke me mentally.
>Art requires suffering, at least in my experience
Yes, I agree. Comfort kills.
>I had to endure a lot to come up with the vision for vamp,
Interesting, makes me wonder if those elements have some sort of unseen correlation, probably not, but interesting regardless.
>a lot of scary ass drugs too that almost broke me mentally.
I know that route...
Latinos and Hispanics are different, one.
Two, you are aware that there are white, brown and black Latinos, right? From Ghost White, to midnight black. I'm caramel hah!
>supposed to be
I'm telling you he is (I am)
I don't understand what you're baffled about
No, there are definite correlations

We're all essentially the same conciousness in different bodies, there's a frequency for good ideas and bad ideas. We all develop similarly, we're all archetypes etc.
You need to make it more apparent that his not just black
Also, in regards to what I was saying about brands (a subject I am interested and invested in)
A logo and a brand are two different things, it's not symantics.

There is a dictionary of branding and marketing terms called Brand A–Z byt Marty Neumeier
>picrel: definition of "brand"

And then there is a logo/icon/trademark (your design) and this is not a brand.

a logo is part of a brand but it isn't THE brand

>We're all essentially the same conciousness in different bodies, there's a frequency for good ideas and bad ideas. We all develop similarly, we're all archetypes etc.
I don't subscribe to this kind of philosophy so I'm inclined to disagree, but, for what it's worth, I was in that mindset when I was in my early 20's so I get it.
oh no...
dude believe whatever. but you lost this anon. you sound too certain for my taste.

File: IMG_0397.jpg (2.86 MB, 2268x4032)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB JPG
Like, really into the subject of branding

>picrel: my tiny library
I laffed
You can't have a third eye and not realize this stuff

Go deeper!! It's all connected. This exists for you and only you.
lol why you getting mad tho, if you know, there wouldn't have been a disagreement
more anons in here than you realized. I never claimed having a third eye. eventho I actually do. maybe. certainly. more than you think.
You should've said that from the beginning lol

he was mad because he noticed how you acted as if he were stupid. I mean I understand him, for what its worth
I wasn't even implying OP was stupid. But if I'm invested in a subject and there is a correct way to communicate within that field, why would I not, especially in a board that is directly linked to that field?

It's a rhetorical question, obviously.

Also, this is a common misconception so it requires a simple clarification
I can't acquiesce to everyone's level of knowledge/understanding or lack-there-of
I was responding to an erroneous statement. If that's an issue for anyone, i don't know what to tell you....read more? I dunno
Fret not, Im not upset inudt type in a favorable fashion. I appreciate all the input, feel like we could build something together through shared autism and dick unity.

Anyways I know what a brand is, I just fucked up my wording guys... I PROMISE!!!! I SWEAR I'M NOT STUPID OKAY
You're taking this way too seriously

Porbably the autism, I apologize for not communicating to you that I'm not upset. >>435508
* I type in a favorable fashion

See, I'm just prone to mistakes I promise on God
That's fine, so now, we build
We build an empire to obliterate the opps
Take their women as captive concubines, take their men and force them into slavery
Eliminate their children to erase their existence from history...
...with art and design

I take things seriously, yes lol
My man, I loved what you did. You're 100% right it needs to be less chaotic. The goal is to transition it into something more 'high fashion' and easier to read, thank you for your insight.

The type of music I'll be making is experimental hip hop with an emphasis on metaphysical themes.

Do you have any contact info? Would love to communicate with you more.
What did you mean by mascot pm btw? Never heard that term, forgive my ignorance.

BTW man really fucking with your changes, I love the cross you added to the m amazing little detail
File: IMG_20220913_003015_618.jpg (57 KB, 1080x800)
57 KB
What do we think of new new sketch?
File: m-cross_comparisson_001.png (3.67 MB, 1530x1143)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB PNG
eyyyy. glad you like it.
rn I don't have an account I am comfortable sharing here. But Ill be sticking around and if I find something to serve Ill be coming back to it.

the m cross kinda serves multiple purposes. It breaks up the long stripes of space created by the 'M', making it fit the overall density/structure arguably a bit more (at least in MY mind), and simultaneously creates a point of interest which guides the eyes reading and identifying the letter as an M.
I notice that when I read the word without the cross my eyes naturally catch the M looking at the intersection point where the top arches meet, which is much higher than the points where I am looking to identify the rest of the charcters. So the cross redirects the reading path downwards and it feels much more smooth/coherent to me.
It also slightly balances the horizintal cross-stroke from the G on the other side an adds this sense of medieval, which seemed fitting vor the vampire theme.

Rationalizing and arguing these things sounds a bit complicated. In reality these are split second decisions based on feelings, intuition and a bit of experience I guess. As the person who did it I can't always tell what it was that originally made me do a certain thing. ANd honestly the difference isn't all that dramatic lol >picrel
What I am confident about though is that keeping convetional lettering in the far back of your mind is always a good idea with stuff like this, since we are used to kinda subcontiously catch their principles in identifying texts anyways.

lol sorry. I abbreviated 'pretty much' with pm. yeah that wasn't so clear.

liked your drawing so much. stole it for this purpose.
>new mascot.
be careful with adding to much detail at different scales. I think you already overstepped a certain threshold. the more stuff you add like in the horns, crown, pupils, and especially winged cigarette, the more things start to break apart from each other if you are not careful.
Another baseline to consider is this: if the image part of a logo has a lot of character, you might as well let it carry all of it by adding very simple/neutral looking text. if you have a playful font, you do not distract too much from it with images. multiple elements with much personality come with the difficulty of having to make them compliment instead of unpleasantly fight each other.
Honestly trying to make everything fit together will be quite the challenge and take a while. making these things so they look good on their own but also in conjunction definitely is never easy!
>liked your drawing so much
>stole it for this purpose.
fucking ruined it with pseudo black metal shit baka at least use a darker red for the blood
Bro, I'm sorry but you're so wrong.. Dead wrong..

Details and giving people shit to look at is how you make an icon.
File: red_baka.png (1.82 MB, 758x1143)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
had dark red before. decided to make something weird. made it pink. was an impulse. not much care or thought. my apologies lol

well okay. still, the details fall apart a bit imo. as I said it requires care
Really appreciate your insight anon thank you. I will definitely take your notes with me.. Let me know if you're alright with contactfagging.

I'll hear you out. What should I watch out for before it gets too complicated? Any reccomendations for the mascot? Anything I should remove? This is his original look btw
Always follow your intuition
Could you do a version of the logo with more crosses? Could use some of Peter's crosses too to add some edge and reflect that metaphysical theme more
File: Untitled.png (663 B, 101x55)
663 B
663 B PNG
59 replies
6 original IPs

What's going on here my dudes.
Is OP sperging out or is someone samefagging on /gd/ of all places
Idk that's pretty normal

Can you provide some criticism instead of shitting up the thread? Thanks for the bump
File: 1663131292101.png (3.66 MB, 1662x2217)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
Playing around with shirts
Who wastes money on shit like this?
People less creative than me

I. E you
File: 1663116466280.png (4.82 MB, 1765x2087)
4.82 MB
4.82 MB PNG
Hey kids
File: IMG_20220914_232059_243.jpg (103 KB, 1080x862)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
could use some help with colors
Looks like spitfire wheels lol
File: 82407.jpg (76 KB, 800x1067)
76 KB
Nigga smoking now? sheeeeiiittt.
Nah looks like you're a little TOO inspired by murakami mmm
File: 1663088360664.png (52 KB, 450x88)
52 KB
>I will pay 1440 dollars and suck your dick if you can point me towards a mascot that looks like mine
not him but
File: 1653450217685.gif (1.22 MB, 800x800)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF

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