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File: whack illustrator.png (399 KB, 750x499)
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I would not be surprised if Adobe gets bought by Amazon at some point in the next 10 years.

I can already see the globohomo advertisements telling us how easy it is to get tablets, sketching pencils, and blue-light glasses sent directly to your "studio" (desk in the corner of your studio apartment) while you listen to Audible as you work.

>Choose your monthly subscription model
>Bundle together with your Prime membership

Be prepared, fellas
File: FbWC66xWYAIBA8u.jpg (252 KB, 1301x1465)
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252 KB JPG
And I'll still pirate it all :p
Yup. And don't be surprised if eventually, you end up having to pay for specific features or to save your files in specific formats, even though you're already paying for a subscription. Similar to how "in-app purchases" are utilized on your phone.
>your "studio" (desk in the corner of your studio apartment)
Listen here you piece of shit—
Is there a directory of these? I want to see what the start up screens for the other programs are but I dont want to download the programs to find out
File: 1662240972515.png (760 KB, 1076x964)
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760 KB PNG
just don't watch it. You still have the old stuff. This is how I am with Star Wars and Transformers. The new stuff doesn't take away from the old stuff
File: maxresdefault.jpg (177 KB, 1280x720)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
if these incels could read, they'd be very upset.

/pol/ is absolutely 24/7, non-stop obsessed with minorities, trans people and women. They can't go on with their life for even 1 minute without sperging out about these 3 topics. I can't even begin to imagine what a sad existence that is.

The worst is that they've been organizing their little "red-pill" raids on small boards for years now. They have no knowledge about the subjects of the board, but they follow the orders of their little theme leaders. For example: "go on /gd/ and talk about globohomo, and post one of these images."
i found the videoclip on another racist imageboard and thought it was funny thats all

that tv show looks wack, i dont watch tv or care about any of it, but those minorities sure are repulsive to look at, it is like a parody, you know it's true dont lie to urself <3
>watched trailer
>looked like shit
>didn't watch the show

it was that easy to the show to not have an effect on my life, yet I still have to see and hear about it because people keep complaining about it. I can't believe, that they fell so easily for the hate bait, while pounding their chest about "muh superior intellect" and can't see the irony.
My thread wasn't trying to be /pol/, Just interesting how commercialized Amazon properties has leeched into the loading screens of this Adobe product. I should have known bringing up a hot topic like Lord of the Rings would have brought out the troglodytes
Wait this shit is real i though u made this shit i dont pay for shit & running piratd version so i didnt know it really was real OMG

what isnt going to bought out
yeah the new loading screens seem to be tied into the Amazon LotR show. At elast aI and pS seem to be. I don't have any of the other stuff downloaded so I'm not sure if like, Audition or Bridge have LotR themed loading screens or not

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