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File: Research group 1.png (61 KB, 838x438)
61 KB
For a scientific research i'm trying to find out something silly, the casus is fictional and about context =)

Which style for a text logo you would choose if you had to make a text logo for an official academy, option 1 or 2?

And why would you choose that Font style
Option 2 because option 1 looks childish.
Lol i love 1 actually, it makes me think about Kellogs somehow.. but for an academy 2 yeah
Yeah, option 2, looks more serious.
>option 1 looks childish.

That might be perfect and preferable if it's a children's academy like Montessori, but there's no context given by the OP in his hypothetical problem related to context based choices.

Both typefaces have issues that make them less than optimal for this particular text as a logo...some might be addressed with better spacing/ kerning but both of them have imbalances in the visual weight of certain elements that are really accentuated by which letters are next to each other...the capital F in #1 looks almost bolded compared to the rest of it and the capital A in #2 has a similar issue that makes it appear disproportionate to the others letters, especially the capital F. Look at the counter of the capital A compared to the lower case one, the latter is larger, then compare the lower case a counter with the lower case e whose counter is tiny...it's almost like two different typefaces and not very elegant.

When you stand back (or shrink them down) this imbalance and disproportion becomes more obvious and reads as almost blob-y areas in each example, almost like a printing error.
Practically speaking this will be an issue when actually printing them at smaller scales and/or with certain materials and techniques.
Thank you for the replies so far!

The background is that an educational institution from origin tends to be old and founded many generations ago. In many regions the font of such institutions tends to reflect a certain history in both their logo and styles, especially universities.

Right now, the idea is that a new educational institution for adults registers a text based brand name that is in line with both the industry (education) and general point of views about what is visually desirable.

Would you suggest another font then presented above? If so, perhaps you have an example.
File: Yaro.png (48 KB, 1140x320)
48 KB
Can I be rude and suggest a third option; Yaro font.

PS. we use R as the European version of TM. And yea I know you used myfonts hehe.
>Would you suggest another font then presented above? If so, perhaps you have an example.

Comic sans, because this has got to be a joke.

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