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Hello i have an idea to make my own cards IRL from designing and printing them off a computer with multiple foil colours printed into lenticular images that i will put a lenticular frame lense ontop of.
I am learning about lenticular software, i learnt that you can print foil out on paper or blank plastic sheets that have black ink previously printed on it… but how would this work if for example; (pic rel)
>i want multiple coloured + foil on the printed out lenticular image background, like red foil hearts that are reactive in animation from a lenticular image as well as the cartoon character having a foil or holographic pattern on them, with a gold foil as the card outlining at the same time?
You can also take old foil pokemon cards and use rubbing alcohol to remove the ink but keep the foil then print what you want for the front and back and stick them on

your best bet its looking for custom pokemon card tutorials, they are really autistic about how to do this stuff

No i have my own particular card shape, and its easy to get foil sheets, im not gonna waste my time and money on destroying pokemonncards.

i want multiple foil and hilograph types on the lenticular inage animation but idk how to print that all out on one sheet, im just here to learn how to print as many foil types i want on a blank plastic sheet for lenticular animated images

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