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>assigned to create new award logo for a corporation
>project manager appears to be very anal retentive about the tiniest tweaks and details
>we will be crunched for time, yet PM still has “just a few more minor tweaks thanks :) “

>create at least 20 designs for this logo and upload a compilation for review
>right around the same time, my team leader decided to upload some logos he decided to design on his own “for fun” while on his business trip to give me some inspiration.

>project manager is all “omg these are sooo good, we can add them to the deck too for client review. I just have a few design suggestions. Could you give [my name] your working file to make these tweaks?”

Is this a normal practice as part of a graphic design team? I just spent a several amount of hours creating my own designs, and because my boss uploaded his own designs for funsies, my project manager wants me to now make edits to his designs.

Do I have a right to be angry? I
>Do I have a right to be angry?

Take that as a lesson that you should know your client. This one, for example, do not deserve the proper research and effort, they deserve the least and surprisingly they will like it a lot more than a proper project.

Next job do the least amount of research, work on the first idea that you had, picture a boomer looking and talking about your logo and be surprised on how fast he will like it. Also you can take 3 people from fiver to do your job and charge the client 3-4 times what you are giving to the indians you found on fiver.
The client has not seen this yet. The revisions are from internal review from the project manager.

Project manager asked me to create a proof with all my designs so far for her to share with other project managers. Then they would share with the client.

But just as I was creating the proof, my team leader/boss uploaded his own designs he did for fun during a business trip. My project manager saw this, loved his designs, and asked me to add my boss’s designs to our deck that we would send to the client. I was also asked by my project manager to make tweaks to my boss’s designs before adding them to the deck.

Like, what was the point of me making all these designs, if the client just ends up choosing a design my boss made?
I should also mention I’m a full-time graphic designer working for a content production company.
Man, try to get by while looking to move to another job and doing the least amount of work. You will just experience stress and hair loss on places like that where higher ups suck eachother cocks and barely know a thing about design.
When you make a design, ask for a quick look from the boss, take his input, then when you present it to the PM mention you incorporated the concepts and ideas of boss man and your cock will also get sucked for “getting” it. Also, if your boss is called Robert, label your favorite design as “R” and then rest XYZ etc. You can do that once every six months.

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