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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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Go find another skill ASAP.
Last warning.
Programmer art 2.0.
I'm tired of this doomposting everywhere if you think that a machine can fully replace a human in something so fluid as art you are solely mistaken

Also you can't legally copyright artwork made by a robot, so no big company is ever going to do that
DALL-E is only able to generate autistic soulless stemlord-esque images. If this is your niche, then maybe you're fucked. If you have the brain capacity to recognize that this is just lorem ipsum tier art, you're in the clear.
I’ve been using the Discord AI one and I have to say it’s pretty useful. You generate something cool and then just draw over it. If you think about it, composition is just BRUTE FORCING. Move it, move it right. Make it small, make it big. Or just trace over a composition you like. Layout is time consuming unless you’re doing the same ones over and over.
>enter ChadJourney
The writing is on the wall
I could use this to save SOOOO much on commissioning game art its unreal
$50/month vs $200+ a commission

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