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whats a good fee for maybe a 200 page book

i do editing, series format design, page layouts, covers, the whole thing
Bout tree fiddy
ok but is that in installments or just the retainer?
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Where it will be sold?
The client is a person or a press? If so, how wealthy are they/it?
Is it a text book or an art book? Are there images inside?

Do you know your hourly fare? If not, work on knowing it or else you risk taking jobs where you are paying to work.

But answering your question:
–How many hours will you spend on the project?
–How many hours will you spend on the cover?
–Did you already made a call with the guy to talk about the book and what they want/think of it? Your project and cover must comply with what the client is picturing in his head.
– Did you ask what the client want to pay? (not directly, there are some videos from thefutur showing how to do it, there is one of the few things those scammers gurus do right)

Also, use configs related for justification and hyphenation on your indesign, it will solve a lot of holes that would appear on justified text. And open the H&J Violantions when reviewing the text so you can see where the readability if fucked up; the yellower, the worse (there WILL be lines with yellow on the final product, still, you can fix some).
client has serious means, an art book

ive had various hourly rates for other types of work, but not for this kind of work and im decently expensive for the other work

i dont even think hours are a proper measurement of the creative investment and labor. even something simple takes time to invent and then toss out the trash and ive never kept time logs for book making projects.

client is a foundation with a press partner

i was thinking of going on glassdoor and getting some yearly salary examples for job types but havent done it yet.
>i dont even think hours are a proper measurement of the creative investment and labor
I agree, still you need to know more or less how much time you take to do something so you can charge X for some kind of work and it will help you visualize how much you expect to earn and how much you are earning per hour. It will help you fix your pricing. But yea, you will not charge the client X hours, you will charge him US$Y.

About the information of your client, you may charge the higher spectrum of your fare or above of what you are currently charging. Remember that probably this work will derrail to a nightmare, so put clauses about changes and fixes that scale (e.g. revision 1-3 = X extra, rev 3-6 XX extra and so on). I took some jobs with those artsy people when I was growing as a designer, and fuck it sucked, as soon as I became stable enough I refuse take any more jobs like it, also because of it I can't give you a reference on what to charge, but basically everybody does that kind of math I commented before.
i appreciate the thoughtfulness, but yeah im looking for numbers relative to recent experiences.

if ya got any more thoughts, please keep sharing. ive done somethings with the people before - went really well. off to glassdoor
In-house salaries and freelance/agency pricing are two different things, in-house is almost always significantly less. Getting pricing from glassdoor would be pointless.

I would bid a job like that out as a per-book price, I wouldn't even consider doing it for less than what I make monthly, as that's about how much work it will be for each book. I would bid minimum $2500 per book, more depending on other factors.

I would also want a rock solid, airtight contract on this, spelling out ALL terms, deposits, extra charges for edits, additions, schedules, and kill fees.

Granted, that's my price/terms, as I have professional experience doing book layout, editing, and cover illustration, and could bring a book from concept to the press/ebook. You're doing the work of what would take a publisher 5 or 6 people to do in-house, across multiple departments. And, if it's an art book, and there's indexing, the price goes up significantly - there are freelancers/agencies that specialize in it, and it's expensive and enormously time-consuming. That would be a bargaining point for me.

The biggest question is, do you even know how to set up files for book printing? It's important. You'd be facing significant pre-press charges or time delays to fix the mistakes you make.

Do you even have any idea who would be printing? Who would be color correcting the images? Scanning/photographing the images?

This is a big ticket job. You need to know exactly how much work is involved, how much time is involved, and how much responsibility you're taking on. I wouldn't even consider editing, as it's not my wheelhouse/skillset.

I worked for a small publisher of art books. It took a team of 6 over 6 months to get a book from concept to press. You're going to do it alone? You need to be very, very careful with this.
i appreciate the thoughtful reply and info and point of view. from glassdoor, without getting passed the gatekeeping asks, its basically shows a lot of editor publisher types run the gamut from 50k to 100k with a lot in the middle and a decent number above the range. so that makes for a monthly take between 4000 - 8000 USD more or less. i agree, nothing less than a month worth for charging, minimum. honestly for a good price out the gate, fuck it there's a lot ill throw in for free. i think im gonna ask for phases and payment per delivered phase.

fwiw not my first book and not my first collaboration with them.

thanks for the food for thought

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