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File: The_GIMP_icon_-_gnome.svg.png (172 KB, 1200x1200)
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What are your honest opinions on GIMP compared to Photoshop. As in how powerful really is GIMP compared to Photoshop?

Do we have any GIMP masters in here able to weigh in on GIMP's actual potential if one commits to learning it compared to photoshop?
It's an android v apple scenario.
Sure photoshop is easier to learn and use, but gimp has so many more effective setups. The plugins on gimp open up an entire world of things that are simply impossible on PS.
Plus you can take gimp anywhere, say a company/project hire you and for some reason or another they don't have Adobe keys, if they aren't running gimp then gimp will be infinitely better than whatever in house thing they want you to use.
Has GIMP improved significantly in the past decade? I used to swear by it but have been using the Adobe suite plus Inkscape and it works well for me. I definitely think Inkscape could overtake a few Adobe products given time.
>The plugins on gimp open up an entire world of things that are simply impossible on PS.
Are you speaking from experience, good anon?
Care to list "the essentials" of GIMP plugins? I've only gotten PhotoGIMP for Photoshop shortcuts+the layout to hopefully allow myself to follow Photoshop tutorials using GIMP.
File: 1657906802505.png (585 KB, 700x846)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
If you are just a solo designer, maybe even an amateur working on invitations in your moms PC, then sure. That's enough.
The Robinsons down the street wouldn't care if you made their small business poster in GIMP or PS.

But if you are a mid ranged professional and above, then you want the industry standard. Because chances are you will be working with other people.
For example, the printers I work with refuse to accept anything not laid out in Indesign.

Just pirate Photoshop.
Adobe doesn't care.
I use GIMP and I've never touched Ad*be Ph*t*shop, but I feel like GIMP is starting to fall behind compared to other programs. The smart selection tools aren't as good as the ones in other programs, the lack of non-destructive editing is a pain, and the autistic refusal to include shape tools is just as bad as ever. I feel like Krita has a more solid foundation, but it lacks Gimp's selection and color tools. I know there's some level of intercompatibility between the two, but I have no idea how hard it would be to add those features into Krita.

Resynthesizer and BIMP are the ones I use.
>to hopefully allow myself to follow Photoshop tutorials using GIMP.
That won't really be possible even with PhotoGimp installed. At most you can still play around with the Photogimp addon and that should allow you to have a smoother move from GIMP to Photoshop if you ever choose to pirate it.
>For example, the printers I work with refuse to accept anything not laid out in Indesign.
What kind of printers do you work with that they care about the program you've used to make your files? Every printer I've worked with for brochures/catalogues and the like just want PDFs. I work with the complete open source "suite" (Scribus, Inkscape, GIMP) and never had a printer complain.
>>For example, the printers I work with refuse to accept anything not laid out in Indesign.
>What kind of printers do you work with that they care about the program you've used to make your files?

Not Anon, but some printers have workflows that allow them to do specific types of work very quickly and cheaply. As an oldfag I used to work for printers that did everything in QuarkXpress 3.3 and giving us your project in anything other than that format meant significant setup and pre-press charges.
Where would one go to pirate photoshop?
File: q.png (14 KB, 203x281)
14 KB
1337x.to is my go to site for piracy

So what I just did was I downloaded the official offline installers for Photosop, then I just pirated the crack.

Though I'm still on cc 2018 (version 19), the last one to use the amtlib.dll crack.
I don't trust the newer .exe cracks and this crack I'm using I've had it for like 4 years now so I know there's nothing spicy going under.
Conversely, some places that specialize in digital processes will insist on some esoteric file type or even refuse to name one so they can make it impossible to get the work done without incurring extra setup and conversion charges and also make it harder for clients to shop around or tell them to pound sand and go elsewhere once they start the job.
This dude likes to do gimp tutorials and has a list of plugins he recommends
You have to manually scale images instead of free transform

Don't get me wrong, Gimp is great for doing a few basic edits, but for any real layout work, forget it.
File: 1646702395147.jpg (127 KB, 800x800)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
am I using this wrong or is it just dogshit? Ive just tried to remove the MAX PAYNE title from picrel and photoshops's content aware fill does it fine, but resynthesizer heal just shits itself no matter what options i fill in
gimp used to be complete dogshit but is now very good comparartive to it's origins, it is still not what anyone would call amazing but it has developed cinsistently is as improving it is more difficult to use than photoshop and photoshop has a lot of proprietary garbage that gimp could really use but won't ever get to due to patents etc. it's still got a big of a crappy interface and sadly there are other free tools that are as good as photoshop and gimp isn't one of them but is does have features that other software doesn't none of which are individually that amazing but it is good to have it and inkscape and svgedit and all the others available because collectively they are all useful.
If you do not mind not having hyper specialized tools of premium programs, you can absolutely do quality work with this program. It was a bit less intuitive with learning this after over five years of PhotoShop, but it works well.
The .exe cracks are loaded with Malware and viruses. I ended up just buying all apps for a monthly price and I just cook the cost to clients.
monkrus(.)ws is my go-to.

Guy is a reputable cracker in the pirating community.
I grew up a poorfag and even though I'm not one anymore I still carry the lessons forced upon me by being a poorfag. That isn't the lesson of, "pirate everything" that you might think. Instead the lesson was, "Learn free software even when its harder, because it will always be available, but proprietary shit can be locked down harder anytime."
So go ahead and crack your Photoshop and Creative Cloud faggotry, ill just be here plodding away on GIMP and winning every day. And now that I can afford to support the free software autists, I will.
I read something like this in the graphics design section of Yahoo Answers back in 2006.
16 years later and PS is till king and GIMP still irrelevant as ever lmao

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