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Anyone here sell their stock/unused assets on licensing resources like these?
How much do you get monthly?

I have a lot of unused shit that I have nothing else to do with
it's okay-ish if you're a pajeet or third worlder but not so much if you're first worlder. it's not monthly but rather yearly. a distinct art style and relevant theme (holidays, anniversaries, robust) assets are more likely to make some pennies rather than literally what assets.
Seems like the biggest waste of time I have ever seen in my entire life. Imagine being technically FORCED to make Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day assets just to maybe, maybe make $20. And it's not even going to get used for a project. I'd rather kms than do this.
around 2018 i used to make about 40$ a month selling business card templates, but that number kept going down as i focused more on other markets. rn i get a monthly email from freepik telling me that i haven't met the minimum amount for a payout ($100). Last i was paid by them was literally 2 years ago. don't waste your life.

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