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What other jobs do Graphics Designers do other than designing logos?
Every wannabe designer talks about logos and shit all the time, but I feel like logo works only make up a very small slice of what actual professionals do.

So what can I expect as a graphics designer to do during the 95% of the time I'm not working on logos?
newspaper ads
t-shirt design
social media posts

and nowadays they expect you to be a web designer too so everything that comes with that.

that's about it.
Other areas that graphic designers may be called upon for-

-product design/styling
-vehicle/fleet graphics (not just commercial)
-signage (not just for advertising)
-decorative interior graphics from residential wallpaper to large scale commercial graphics packages like you see in chain restaurants
-displays (POP, trade show, museum)
-textiles that aren't T shirts
-layout/design for architectural elements like etched glass, stone and metals
File: IMG_20220704_192725_083.png (1.68 MB, 2894x4093)
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1.68 MB PNG
No idea. I paint and draw illustrations most of the time, though I have a graphic design degree. (I know, right?)
I got a job as a "graphic technical" and work in marketing team doing brochures, flyers, magazines, billboards, etc.
My coworker is doing web stuff, even videos.
Other department in my company is dedecated to interior design, rendering and photography.
And we still don't know evrithing and have a outsourced designers doing us rebranding of logo and brand for a company we work for.

I am specializing in adobe Id, printed material and have no problem finding work.
For me the hardest is making logos, there is a ton of work and thinking that goes into that
Any of you guys work with flexographic printing? Saw a job listing and the only thing id have to learn is how to work the press (dots and dyes), how hard would that be to get into?
newb here is doing gd illusttions a viable full time job ?

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