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File: smilebrilliant-logo.png (22 KB, 727x256)
22 KB
Stumbled upon this today. Why does it look so fucking weird?
instead of looking like a smile it looks like a fucked s, which clashes with the clean simple text
The S should've been a thin slab serif font to match the look of the smile.
>clean simple text

Two words, both contain the letter I...
Second word has two incidences of letter I.
Rather than replacing the I in "SMILE" with an exclanation point (lame and overdone, but whatever) which makes sense because the word is often used as an exclamation..."Smile!"

replace one of the two incidences of I in BRILLIANT and pick the one least likely to make sense typographically ie in the middle of the phrase as opposed to near the end.
the smile should have been an elegant serif
I've actually used this product. You do a back and forth to get a mold of your teeth made into a pair of plastic fittings, and then you can buy gels to put into the plastic fittings and wear and it uses dizzyingly toxic chemicals to whiten your teeth.
File: better.png (21 KB, 727x256)
21 KB
how's this look?
Not good
Well fuck you to hell, dipshit. Suck my dick and get fucked by a bad asshole
you ARE vagina. One hundred
>how's this look?
>gets told how this look

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