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File: 4.IG_IMG_4544[1].jpg (1.04 MB, 1280x1280)
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>We are at a critical moment for the preservation of democracy and non-partisan access to voting for all citizens of voting age.
>Between the Supreme Court, partisan gerrymandering shaping state legislatures, and the filibuster as a tool of obstruction in Congress, we are already facing tyranny by the minority. The forces dominating our politics do not reflect the values of most Americans.
>My print, Alternative Facts, addresses the mass confusion about truth that allows the parties who spread the big lie about the 2020 election (and many other lies) fomented the January 6th insurrection and are engaged in voter suppression and other anti-democracy schemes, to flourish unchecked.
>A portion of proceeds from Alternative Facts will benefit the ACLU in its legal fights against voter suppression and other attacks on the constitution.
File: 3.IG_IMG_1971[1].jpg (589 KB, 1280x1280)
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>After watching the January 6th hearings, I called Shepard, and we talked about the testimony and how it affected us. I told him I was thinking about releasing some posters on the subject.
>Shepard and I have been close friends for 25 years. For over a decade, we sat next to each other, working and sharing our ideas about the world. How we see things and what our place is. I mentioned that I’d always felt driven by hatred of what I saw as unjust authority.
>Cleon Peterson
only a stone cold sociopath with his legal history would think his voice is important and credible and necessary in the context of alleged lies and underhanded win at all costs politics.

Fuck that plagiarizing, evidence destroying, perjerous hack/ shit "artist" who literally sued the people whose work he plagiarized for defamation, for stating the truth about his plagiarism in the service of political propaganda promoting a bald faced liar of the highest order.
And then lied and destroyed evidence when they countersued.

Obama 'HOPE' Poster Artist Shepard Fairey Pleads Guilty

they portray a goofy crowd of pensioners like a death squad coming for them..

"trump" have been this weird messianic symbol of working class for last decade

while american political editorial illustration i see on magazine covers on amazon 2017-now is cult tier, as in it's rich faggots crying oppressed

like top tier artists 100+k dollar NY LA contracts heart & soul & lifetime of skill poured into portraying this 90s democrat laid back social liberal as some sort of tropico stalin dictator poopoohead despot on glossy magazine, at least 1 major publication a month at any given time would have cover like that

there was analytics breakdown that showed clear divide of working class tradespeople, daycare, lower tier medical workers etc. basically most types working with their hands donating money to trump campaign, while well paid upper laptop middle class, software developers, academics, ngos, designers, corporations donating bucks to democrat campaign, again it's established rich faggots and their wannabes crying oppressed while they stab you

i was under impression these folks like lucifer as symbol of liberation of constraints of old order and morals or whatever and wouldn't hold his name in vain like that (yes it's shallow propaganda for normalcattle i know, but i can't believe how shallow it is)
File: 1566762657-159612-fed0.jpg (122 KB, 1287x1080)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
what a faggot

this is now a david dees appreciated thread, post your favorites:
appreciate deez nuts
File: 1567356184-577588-m.jpg (192 KB, 1350x1080)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
nice try monsanto
I can't read that shit. It's so egregious it makes me sick.
>A portion of proceeds

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