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hello /gd i am new here and would like to get into bot 2d and 3d art of many kinds as a hobby and supplement to a future youtube channel idea i have. i was wondering if anyone would be interested in giving me pointers on where to start as i have no experience or talent however am willing to put in the work for the sweet sweet ecstasy of overcoming another challenge. i'll be making circles in ms paint while i wait for a reply.
Buy the relevant course on Udemy or just pirate it , how to go from zero to pro is systematically explained , get a graphic tablet (wacom has very cheap with good quality) or just use pencil and paper , taking some 2d drawing courses to supplement graphic design , pretty good
Get to mastering the Pen tool in Illustrator quickly.
That will be your bread and butter.
Bump, I also want to get into animation and 2d art
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You're being pretty vague so I'll give you general help.
1. What are your plans exactly? Do you have a style in mind for what you want to do? You have to think of an overall goal of what you want to achieve and how it'll look like in the end. You mentioned making YouTube videos, so I assume you want to do animation.
2. What programs do you have and know how to use? Do you know the Adobe Suite at all? You can get them all at https://4download.net/
3. Do you know anything about 3D? What kind of models do you want to create? I recommend you learn both Blender (Characters, detailed models, objects, animation) and SketchUp (Environments, buildings, bigger more general objects). You can also get them of 4downloads.
4. How good (or how confident) are you at drawing?

I wanna help you, but you're gonna have to be more specific. Just check out 4downloads and get the programs you think you'll need.

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