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Hi, can anyone let me know your thoughts on this logo I wanted to use for my design account and to attack to emails ? Or what You would do different ? It is meant to say “NS designs”

I don't like how "designs" is placed there. It would be ineligible when you scale it down
Good start, needs refinement. For starters, the N and S are in conflict. Either make the N curvy or the S angular and straight. Look at the counter (open space) in both the N and S and maybe bring them together by making the N narrower or the S taller. If you go for a curvy look, be sure to round your line end caps too. There is also an imbalance to the whole thing that could be better.
I'd say making the S angular would be easier but the N having a more curved look might look nicer with the thin typeface for "designs"
this anon is right about how things it is, scaled down it'll be tiny and hard to read

Overall it's not a bad start, just a few tweaks and you've found something clean and modern
It's not communicating and is expression for the sake of expression and thus shit. Can't see what you're selling, can't see what value you provide.
>It's not communicating and is expression for the sake of expression and thus shit. Can't see what you're selling, can't see what value you provide.

Harsh but essentially correct...perfect example of a logo just for the sake of having one, with no thought given to whether it's even necessary or not.
In this case it's a detriment because if you accept the premise that a logo is important because it will advertise the designer's skill snd ingenuity and cause potential clients to say " I want some of that!" this one does the exact opposite....if I wanted a designer to come up with ideas for a logo and something that lazily executed was one of the proposals, I'd instantly regret even bothering with that designer and wasting my time having to reject stuff that even a beginner should be able to recognize as amateurish and banal.
It's the kind of logo that printers goof on by guessing whether the bosses mom or high school age kid whipped it up or if they had a contest and someone got a $25 gift certificate, all because the boss doesn't believe pro designers are of any special value and my Janey wants to be an artist and I think this is as good as anybody else could do.
hard agree with the N and the S being in conflict

personally, the N and the S have too much negative space and don't necessarily create an eye catching design but that doesn't have to be your aim if you're going for a more "professional" feel
Have to disagree with the entire "conflict" notion, that really doesn't mean anything in finite terms.
If anything the problem is that the way the two letters are overlapped doesn't offer enough contrast to make them read as two distinct letters while also not being integrated in a careful enough manner to make them into an obviously stylized symbol created with some vision and purpose.
The only real contrast or "conflict" is the fact that the N reads as a standard typeface while the S is clearly nonstandard and reads as either modified from a standard typefacece or created from scratch...that might work if the person doing it knew what they were doing and why, but the proportions and layout of that element make it crystal clear they don't and are just winging it.
Even just calling it an element is a leap of faith, it's impossible to tell whether it's supposed to be one symbol or two letters, and the fact that what it/they might stand for is undisclosed just adds to the unsettled and confusing nature of it all.
File: 1656560716713.png (57 KB, 542x586)
57 KB
you failed the pixel perfect alignment autism test. if im a creative director at a production house, i wouldnt hire you.
nigga sucka
indian hands made this design

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