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So apparently if you adjust settings in photoshop on jpegs that have been edited a certain way, you can reveal hidden messages and images with almost a late 80's to mid 90's effect as you slide the temperature or tint sliders back and forth, or just have them glow like neon after adjusting the settings correctly.

I've only managed to figure one out, with a girl turning into a zombie, from a thin smile to a toothy grin and her eyes moved and looked at you.

Using various image forensics sites and apps I've been able to see some messages in bits and pieces but haven't been able to actually make them clear with photoshop.

Does anyone have any guidance or instructions on how this shit is done?

I think I found a cult that uses this method as part of a game of some sort, and to solicit prostitution, like this one I found on a Facebook profile cover photo, which advertises "Rape sex slaves".
The reason I would like to know how to do this is because I found my name in it and it was posted by the man 2 years before I ever met him and he has been stalking, harrassing and slandering me in an attempt to council me to suicide.
If I can figure this stuff out, I can get help.

I've also found many people hiding thier naughty parts or other people's naughty parts and the fact that they were actually sexually active in the photo before it was edited.

Apparently there is a way to reveal this stuff as a nearly transparent layer on top, like a watermark, and see the hidden picture or message.

How do?
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