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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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>bad artists think they're good
>good artists think they're bad
why do the best artists always have such tiny egos?
> tfw I'm bad and I know I'm bad
if you think your bad you have reason to train. if you think you are perfect you have no reason to train as you have achived 'perfection'.
>if you think you are perfect
I think this is the point the phrase it trying to make, to always continue learning, which is good advice, but the way it's said it always come off as you're not allowed to have confidence in your own abilities
michelangelo had the biggest ego on earth and was still a great artist
>good artists are unable to judge good art
This isn't true. Good artists know they are good
There is not a single example of a good artist who thinks they are shit. Any artist who thinks they are shit will find something else to do. Why else would they endure the difficulty
Joke's on you, I'm a shit designer who knows he's shit but I have no other options.

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