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Don't use comic sans or else your marketing will look unprofessional.

It's Nintendo who is wrong not small time graphic designs who would never even be able to work for Nintendo.

Ever think graphic design school s teach you bullshit?

Never use comic sans.. but Nintendo uses comic sans on Pokemon merch and it sells.
What the fuck is that shit
aw sweet a schizo
It's a big international company that makes millions of dollars using comic sans while low paid graphic designers say they are doing it wrong.
It's actually official Pokemon merch.
It's not some badly designed Chinese knock off.
File: 8.jpg (289 KB, 1600x1600)
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School that prepares chefs to develop appealing dishes for commercial sale:
>freshness and presentation are crucial factors when developing dishes/products that are appealing to consumers; don't serve drab slop
pic related:
> exists.
>culinary school teaching that freshness and presentation are important and don't serve drab slop is bullshit, man!
It is when you consider that a McDonald's restaurant makes more money than nearly any fancy restaurant or take away stores that sell slop will often be succesful while a fancy restaurant can go out of business.
Then I guess you've figured it all out and could easily start your own design school teaching students that using comic sans is THE reason Nintendo is successful, and rake in the bucks when all your successful students use your rules to get there and tell other aspiring artists that all other design schools are bullshit but the founder of the Random Doofus Academy of Art and Design knows what's up. Corporations wod literally pay you to expose their in-house designers to all the keen observations you make in this forum regarding how everyone is stupid besides you.
Why don't you use critical thinking and question things instead of making straw man arguments.

Why do you think Nintendo used comic sans?
Do you think Nintendo is less professional than these graphic design schools with only a few hundred students a year?
So Nintendo is the stupid one?

So the people who designed this bag need lessons from a small time design school despite getting to make official Pokemon merch?
File: FUN-98-3.jpg (51 KB, 600x275)
51 KB
Lol, as if one example of an overused "fun" typeface being used successfully = art schools teach bullshit for suggesting avoidance of overused "fun" typefaces isn't a strawman argument.
Its an even more stupid premise when you look at the product and its target audience and know that just like your last rant about using bold primary colors and rainbow motifs that used toy store graphics as an example of "bullshit rules", all serious art instructors will use kids products as the *exception* to general rules about those kinds of graphic designs being best avoided for most all other uses.
When you start your school, make sure to use pic related for your corporate checking account
>Never use comic sans.. but Nintendo uses comic sans on Pokemon merch and it sells.
Literally anything associated with the Pokemon brand sells. It doesn't sell BECAUSE of the comic sans you fucking retard.

You could slap it on a Lambo and sell it as well, but it doesn't mean it gained any value from it. Good design adds value.
Yes but you ignored my whole point.

How can you say Nintendo is unproffsional?

They are a big business and they makenmillions.
They are the definition of professional.
Would you disagree?
Lol, as if one example of an overused >"fun" typeface being used successfully = art schools teach bullshit for suggesting avoidance of overused "fun" typefaces isn't a strawman argument

Okay but that's not even what's being said here so that is once again another straw man arguments.
>serious art instructors will use kids products as the *exception

No they don't.

Also I've already graduated with my Bachelor's in graphic design...

Kind of a waste... Should have maybe done illustration or art instead.
Also when I was studying graphic design I would always try to find a way to do art which is my main inerest. (Please don't call design teachers art teachers again)

So I would make the books about things about fine art or modern art so I could make covers like this.

The teachers were always like "wtf is this"... Because they are confused by art and only know graphic design.

"Art and design don't go together" is something I was often told...
I should note that there was one teacher there that understood this stuff and she have me good marks for it.

Everyone else was like wtf.
You're the schizo from the other thread that has some kind of dent against graphic design schools for some reason and cherrypick the worst designs possible to prove a point nobody asked for, right?
Oooh I get it all now!
You were an illustrator, and because you're probably a bit slow-brained you didn't understood that graphic design is not the same thing as illustration.
And so you paid a fair ammount of money to go a graphic design school that you failed and you felt scammed by it because you're retarded, and now you're trying to snob graphic design as a whole because you're coping about your poor life choices. It all makes senses now.
And it explains why the designs you poorly pick to prove your points suck: you are not even a graphic designer in the first place.
They were right to ask you what the fuck was this >>431702, because you clearly were in the wrong class.

Now fuck off once and for all to >>>/ic/ please

I had plenty of classmates get low marks because the professor “didn’t understand” their work, when in reality they decided to go rogue on the brief and inject all sorts of expression thinking it looked cool.
If the brief is to design a book cover and you make the book about art.

Why can't the cover have art?
So many people have done graphic design degrees and went well that was stupid and a waste of money and studied illustration after.

I graduated btw (just had to pretend to agree with the teachers)
It can but it all depends on the brief. If it just said “Book Cover” without any actual information like a brief should have, then I’d say you’re fine to do as you please, but I don’t see the point of any of that without clear objectives.

I can’t speak for all design schools, but ours brought in agencies to review the curriculum and provide feedback on what they want to see in a designer.

Maybe your school was shit, but that’s a different issue. People on here don’t seem to have any idea what graphic design is or the role of a designer in the field. If you think it’s all soul less, then just be an artist and go about your day.

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