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File: test2.png (164 KB, 2083x2082)
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hi /gd/
i need help with my inkscape. I am making a website for people to create their own avatar, just to include in my resume.. Anyway, please look at picrelated for the design i'm going for.

1) I haven't draw the hair sets yet, but I can see the problem that will occur which will be the big hair such as afro, spiky, and pompadour. If the user decides to pick the big haircuts and wear hats too, how can i hide the part of the hair above the hat, and display the rest of the hair below the hat?

2) If you look at picrelated, why is my Bezier pen not closing the gap properly? If you look at the facial hair, you can see there are some gaps between the mustache, beard and sideburn. How to connect close the gap fully? I did enable snapping mode.

Thank you for your time.
>how can i hide the part of the hair above the hat, and display the rest of the hair below the hat?
More of a programming issue in my mind. But you can just do the same as you did with the beard and make it modular and if the hat is chosen hide the modules that overlap with the hat. Or just make full illustrations that incorporate both elements of the hair and hat. That'll be more work making the illustrations but less programming. It's up to you where to put the burden of your work, it can be solved in a number of ways.

>How to connect close the gap fully?
Just overlap. Or add some code to add extra snippets to connect the parts when they are selected together.
File: test2.png (234 KB, 2083x2082)
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234 KB PNG
>hair problem
thanks for the idea fren
I decided to go with the modular solutions. I make 2 parts; above the hat and below the hat. Whenever i pick the hat, i'll just turn off the visibility of the part above.

>gap problem
thanks for the solution anon
kek i wonder if i include this would it increase my publicity
File: IMG_20220622_193421_104.png (406 KB, 3125x3125)
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406 KB PNG
Hi again frens
So here's the progress so far
What do you guys think?
this art style is past its prime, I'd recommend something different
Such as?
I am new so i dont even know the name of the artstyle I'm using. This is just to get me started with inkscape.
File: 149_87618_49379.png (41 KB, 590x668)
41 KB
It feels dated. The main thing imo is the lack of general artistic cohesion. To put things bluntly it feels like a 2010 stock asset. There's little to no depth throughout mainly due to the rounded icon design. Couple that with the shoulder top positioning and you have the world most basic icon. Let's compare this to Reddits custom avatars. Even at the lowest industry standard you still have some sort of art direction here. You need to nail your style before you work on customizability.
Don't listen to the haters OP, on a technical level this is still the foundation of most of the trendy design styles.

They will just change the outlines to brush strokes automatically and instead of block color add textures.
You're on the right track.

I might suggest you use a mathematical human body template FIRST and cartoonize it SECOND.
The shoulders in your avatar are inhumanly wide and this is distracting, almost all proportional errors/embellishments are distracting so you want to start with a davinci type model first so you aren't accidentally messing with the proportions
Don't listen to the haters. I absolutely love this, as an 18-year-old zoomer in touch with the world.

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