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I'm 19 and have been trying to improve my skills and build a portfolio. But then my brother tells me about dalle 2. This ai can generate insane quality art pieces instantly. Is it over before it even began? Seriously, what the fuck should I do. A creative field is the only thing I'm interested in and good at. I'm actually worried about how this will affect the art industry as a whole. Am I scared over nothing? What's an art field that won't be fucked over by ai just yet?
I wouldn’t worry about it yet. AI will never trump the human artistic spirit, even if it can fool normalfags. Just keep going buddy
Don't worry, the software may look impressive, but it doesn't beat human work. You can't tell it how to fully make something up to a specification, so it's safe to say that creative works can't be fully replaced but machine just yet.
I just watched a video yesterday where a team's graphic designer was pit up against Dalle-2. The results were shown to different team members without telling them which piece was human and which was Dalle. 2/3 of the pieces selected for accuracy to the prompt and good work were by the human designer. The Dalle-picked piece won over a small technicality.
Even being presented two options that were very high quality, they naturally leaned toward the human-done design. I don't think computers will ever be able to replicate that essence.
However, I am interested to see what kinds of artists are replaced by Dalle.
Can you post the link? I need the copium.
An AI makes 50% of posts here
Don't worry zoomerbro, by the time your portfolio is big enough the AI will be much better
I can assure.you that DALLE while have it's uses in gd, just not outright replacing the graphic designer entirely.
I think this video might answer in whether the art field (or rather, graphic design in particular) will be replaced under AI. It offers quite a nuanced take that I've not seen elsewhere.
AI isn't just about asset creation. Things like Canva will evolve so if you upload your brand logo and colors they will create designs around it automatically with a few keywords.
never, until . . .
There's a lot of people who will over-hype the ability of Dall-E

It's still built on a set of rules, and we will see bigger flaws emerging in Dall-E compared to original artworks, as time goes by.

You'll also notice a lot of the images generated are mimicking an art-style. Art reflects culture and culture reflects art, but this AI doesn't have some kind of culture interpreting ability. so as long as you are an artist who is willing to engage with the world around you, then you should always have an advantage over the AI.

Most likely in the future you will one day find yourself in a job where you are collaborating with an AI to create art. (Lots of creative fields have already been doing it, such as animation and film editing and those industries still have need to hire).

Be more worried and alert about getting underpaid for your labor. Its a tough industry and people get taken advantage of all the time.
Dall e 2 isn't perfect at the moment, and not available to the public. So there is no immediate threat. You should be good for probably at least five years. After that no one can tell. I want to work creatively as well and this scares the shit out of me.

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