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It could be over for photo manipulators and graphic designers?
Replace or eliminate?
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yes but you gotta pay, mini dalle is akin to a drunk photographer
No, try telling it to be create a photo of say, mel gibson with a hamburger in one hand picking the lettuce out with the other while the left side of his face suffers a stroke and the right side looks as though it's in agonizing pain, then tell it to get the exact framing/dimensions you need, with the exact lighting/shading you need, with the exact perfect angle you're imagining, with the exact background you're imagining, where his skin is tectured with the exact crosshatch brush you're imaging etc. etc. etc.

This thing is a gimmick.
I guess we gotta move on to animation gents. Seems to me the biggest advantage we have is that we can reproduce art but at different angles, I don't belive it's advanced enough to create a character, and then do ot again but at a slightly different angle.
Nah, at the end of the day the ai relies on either 1 of two things; either A, previous peoples work or B another persons inspiration of what the art the ai ought to create should look like. It doesn't account for the way you want to interpret it, the colors and multiple other different factors without additional machine learning tweaking. So long as you got a unique way to interpret things you can't put into words you are gonna be fine.
If they could implant sensors into your brain that read thoughts and can calculate quintillion different thoughts that follow, then anything is possible. Thought generating design mechanisms. If you think it. AI instantly creates it in a nanosecond. 3d printers that build houses in 5 minutes etc.

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